Best WordPress Survey Plugins

If you are on the hunt for the best WordPress survey plugin, you are in the right place! One way to improve your business is to collect user feedback from your website visitors. You can do that by pop-up customer surveys, Live Chat, monitoring analysis, offering an incentive and so much more.

A survey on WordPress will do that job without much effort on your side. In fact, it’s the easiest and most productive way to get feedback. Using WordPress products doesn’t require editing or creating code.

Our advice is to keep it short and simple. This will persuade more visitors to complete your survey. The market for WordPress survey plugins is abundant, but don’t worry because we will compare them to save you some time.

What to look for in a WordPress Survey Plugin?

Quizzes and surveys are perfect for collecting data from your website visitors, but that’s not the only way around. You can receive user feedback from polls, a contact form, or ask people to leave comments.

In order to create surveys that are a valuable source of information to you and add to the good content, you need to put some imagination. This is vital if you want to win user participation. Making it fun, engaging, and asking questions with the right approach will definitely contribute to the survey results.

If you have succeeded with selecting a survey plugin, it should be easy to use and look great on your site. It’s crucial to report the information from the surveys. To achieve that, make sure you can save all users’ data provided from the survey results and that there is a possibility to export it for future references. This will help you later if you use it in CRM software or a spreadsheet.

You have to think about whether you want to display the results from the polls and surveys after participating in them or not. If you choose to do it, you need a WordPress plugin that lets you share your website’s results in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Considering all that, check out the best WordPress survey plugins, in our opinion.


WPForms Drag Drop WordPress Forms Plugin

This plugin is one of our favorite WordPress contact forms. WPForms provides extremely engaging survey forms and polls for your site while offering a short and easy creation process. Besides the surveys and polls, there are features like email integration and conditional logic. The plugin lets you create multi-page forms, and last but not least, custom notifications. Are you impressed yet?

WPForms plugin allows you to add form fields to your surveys, such as checkboxes, text fields, radio buttons, NPS score fields and ratings. The reporting section is the best part of this WordPress survey plugin. Based on the responses, it straight off creates beautiful graphs and charts. WPForms also can send users to the result page after filling out the survey.

Share some of the amazing graphs as images on social media or show them off during your PowerPoint presentations. Want to print the reports from the surveys? No problem!

Conversational Forms is a new easy to use mode by WPForms that makes the survey form more human-like. This will increase the completion rate and not let visitors slip away before answering all the questions on your quiz, poll, or survey.

WPForms gives us Survey Monkey and Typeform vibes taking into account the features suitable for a business website. However, the price is much more affordable, making it a perfect match for a WordPress site about a small business. It’s no wonder that the number of WordPress site owners that use it today is tremendous. To be specific, more than 3 million people work with this survey plugin.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms WordPress Forms Plugin

This form plugin is very impressive, to say the least. The Formidable Forms is one of the best WordPress survey plugins that offer polls as well.

Their form builder allows you to create a huge variety of forms and is really easy to use. The results on your website will be just one click away. Surveys are just one of the possibilities. You can display custom polls and interactive surveys anywhere on your site.

WordPress website owners opt for the Formidable Forms plugin as their favorite form builder. It’s less famous than WPForms, but still, more than 300,000 people assert it to be an excellent survey plugin. It’s reliable and capable of transforming your website easily with the drag and drop form plugin.

It will do the job if you want to add a quiz, an interesting poll, calculators, and so much more. Formidable Forms also include Smart Question Branching. This feature lets you ask only questions that matter the most with smart conditional logic. Overall it’s a good survey plugin (and more).

CrowdSignal (formerly Polldaddy)

Crowdsignal Surveys Polls and Quizzes

The goal of this WordPress plugin is to make everything easy and super simple, even for the most inexperienced site owner. CrowdSignal is not a contact form plugin. Consider it only for polls and surveys because that is what this plugin can give you.

The good news is that you can find it on the market as a free plugin. However, a WordPress account on their website is required to receive the API key. This free version offers limited features and it displays the branding logo of CrowdSignal to the survey form.

It works with a drag-and-drop user interface. Your customize surveys will be ready in no time. You can choose from survey form templates from their extensive library and build them even faster. They are adaptable to any laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and size screen. In case you want to make more than one survey, you can change each one’s style and decide how you want to share the results.

What’s more? You can add multiple translations to the same survey. No more language barriers! This is a WordPress survey plugin that will also provide you with a captcha. It’s a great program because IP filtering and spam block can prevent multiple responses and other annoyances for the users and you.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms WordPress Form Plugin Form Builder

You may have heard of this ancient WordPress plugin. It comes with many added features, including one for surveys. You won’t have any trouble working with it, and the form builder has a lot of common form fields and survey fields.

The difference from the other WordPress survey plugins is Gravity Forms doesn’t let you share the results. Only you can see them. There are no graphs and charts as well.

Using a WordPress tables plugin will let you do that if you had exported the results from the surveys to a CSV file beforehand. Note that you need the Elite license to add a survey form, poll, quiz, and other great features.

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz And Survey Master Quiz-Exam-and-Survey Plugin for WordPress

Yup, it’s all in the name! Quiz and Survey Master is one of the best WordPress survey plugin options out there. It’s not exactly simple and user-friendly, but it offers plenty of customization options and is very functional by all means.

Quiz and Survey Master allow creating interactive answers to the quizzes, scoring, and leaderboards. It’s a breath of fresh air, and we are sure that what this plugin can do would be appreciated by your website’s users.

Another cool feature of the Quiz and Survey Master plugin is that you can send emails to your users after completing your survey to thank them for their time. It’s very suitable for customer opinion surveys or employee surveys. You can use this occasion to redirect them to an important page of your website.

Multiple choice, open-ended questions, checkboxes, true or false, and captcha are only some of the features you get, and with every new version of the plugin, you get more new types of questions. If you want any reports or analysis, though, you need to pay for a premium add-on.


WP-Polls is a free, user-friendly plugin. This is mainly because it’s not a form builder plugin, but one with radio buttons and checkboxes.

First, add the poll question, then add its possible answers, set the start and end date of the poll, and add it to your site. Although it’s something easily done, it’s very limited features might disappoint you.

It shows the results immediately after each vote. A registered user’s response will be saved, while the IP address can track non-registered. This way, you will know if there are some duplicate votes.

We hope that this comparison of the best WordPress survey plugins has helped you to choose the right one for your ideas. Creating a survey in a WordPress-powered website is an easy task, but it really depends on what you are looking for.

Do you need a free version of a survey plugin? Try CrowdSignal or WP-Polls but bear in mind that you get limited options. If you plan on frequently coming up with new surveys, we suggest you invest a little bit and check out our favorites in this list.

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