Wix Vs GoDaddy 2022 – 2 Huge Site Builders Reviewed

Choosing between Wix vs. GoDaddy website builder and hosting services can be a daunting task because both hosting providers and website builders are among the best in the industry in 2022.

For those of you facing the dilemma, we have thoroughly reviewed and compared some of the main features essential for all website builders.

Table of Contents

  • What They Have in Common
  • Wix vs. GoDaddy: What’s the difference?
  • Pricing
  • Designs
  • Ease of Use
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • E-Commerce
  • Extra features
  • Customer Support
  • TL; DR – Our Quick GoDaddy vs. Wix Overview
  • Conclusion

What GoDaddy GoCentral and Wix Have in Common

Before we start comparing and looking at the differences between the Wix and GoDaddy website building titans, let’s take a look at their similarities first.

Both are among the leaders in the website builder industry and spend millions of dollars on marketing, even including a Super Bowl commercial for GoDaddy in 2017 and on for Wix in 2019.

But the marketing does pay off because they are among the top-rated companies in the business and have millions of clients worldwide.

Both target their marketing towards similar audiences, including small and medium online businesses, personal users, and online stores.

Both website builders and hosting platforms offer easy-to-use interfaces and are suitable even for any beginner with zero coding or tech skills and experience to get started.

They offer complete packages to their clients, including hosting, get a free domain name, an SSL certificate, access to web building tools, ongoing maintenance, and continuous tech support.

Plus, both provide reliable 24/7 customer services to all their users.

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What’s the difference?

So, what are the main differences between these providers?

There is one main difference between the two website builder leaders. Wix is a company focused on providing easy and quick website building and offering its clients a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, and the Wix ADI (artificial design intelligence) to make the website set up as easy and quick as possible.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, offers a wider range of services. It is among the best hosting companies in the world. Also, it provides dozens of additional services for website owners, including domain name sales and auctions, management and others, website and online store building, WordPress hosting and building, web security certificates, website backups, email campaigns, professional web design, and more.

GD’s website builder user interface is even more straightforward and easier to use than that offered by Wix. GoDaddy also relies on ADI to help set up an online store or website as easily and quickly as possible.

When it comes to the website builder functionality and instruments provided, both website builders and hosting companies have blogging and ecommerce plans and tools. Still, Wix is better thanks to its advanced ecommerce features and apps to choose from.

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Here is our head-to-head comparison of the two website builders based on all main features:


The pricing for website building at GoDaddy ranges from $9.99 per month when billed annually for the Basic plan for a site for personal use, up to the $24.99 monthly Ecommerce plan. In between, you can also opt for the Standard plan for new businesses costing $14.99 per month and the Premium plan for growing businesses, which costs $19.99 per month.

GD also offers a completely free plan, including a site with hosting, access to website templates, some social and email promo and marketing tools, SSL certificate, Over content creation tool, analytics and guidance, and access to 24/7 customer help and assistance.

All clients are required to start for free and then choose which plan to upgrade to or whether to upgrade to a paid plan.

GoDaddy Pricing notes:

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  • Ranges from $9.99 up to $24.99 per month when paid annually
  • There is a completely free plan
  • There are no hidden fees in the plans, and the pricing seems transparent and predictable
  • All pricing plans include social media and email marketing tools
  • Only the Ecommerce plan comes with built-in ecommerce tools and options

Wix offers its clients more options and better value for money when it comes to subscription plans for site-building and hosting for ecommerce. In order to build an online store on Wix, you will need to upgrade to a Premium Business Plan of your choice.

The prices range from $23 per month for the Business Basic plan to $27 per month for the Business Unlimited plan and a price of $49 per month for the Business VIP plan. There is also an Enterprise Plan, which has custom prices and premium features like VIP support for the largest enterprises.

With Wix website builder, you can also sign up for other website plans starting from a price of $14 per month and reaching up to $39 per month for the VIP plan with priority assistance

Wix Pricing notes:

Wix Pricing


  • The price for Wix website and business and ecommerce website building and hosting start from $14  up to $49 per month
  • There is a free plan with a subdomain at wix.com, up to 500MB of storage and a bandwidth of up to 500MB bandwidth, as well as ads displayed on every page
  • A 14-day money-back guarantee backs each plan
  • The plans offer storage space starting from 20GB, a free domain name for a year, and up to $300 in vouchers for ads
  • You will need to sign up for a Business basic plan or higher if you want to build and run an online store
  • Some of the plans have apps and features which can be overkill for most people

The winner: 

The result in this round is a tie. Each of the companies offers suitable and reasonably priced website builders and hosting plans for every need and budget. Both offer excellent value for money for their plans.

GD has a completely free plan, while Wix offers a 14-day risk-free trial via its money-back guarantee.

The good news is that you can always cancel your subscription and that you can try out each option before deciding which one – Wix or GoDaddy you want to commit to.


Both solutions allow users to set up very attractive and professional-looking websites of every type. While both companies offer access to exceptional themes and templates and editing tools, there are some differences between the two, namely:

GoDaddy Designs notes:

GoDaddy Examples Sites

  • A wide variety of template and theme categories to pick from to build your website
  • The templates offered by the website builder cannot be customized 100%
  • All designs are mobile responsive 
  • You can switch one theme with another without reformatting the content of your site

Wix Designs notes:

Wix Templates

  • It offers more than 500 website themes for all industries and topics, with 57 made for ecommerce websites
  • The themes are mobile responsive and will look well and work well on any screen size
  • A drag and drop editor and endless customization options
  • The downside is that you can switch to another theme once the website is set up and running

The winner: 

While both website builders offer excellent design choices and customization, Wix is a website builder that offers 100% customization. To some, this is a huge plus, but this option can also lead to inexperienced website builders getting carried away and messing up the site’s structure.

If you want to build a stunning look website, you may also want to check out Squarespace, which is our top-preferred website builder when it comes to design. Also, check our comprehensive Squarespace pricing review and learn 5 key ways to save money.

Ease of Use

Both website builder platforms advertise themselves as site builders, suitable even for people with zero coding skills and knowledge. This claim is completely true. 

There is no need to install or update anything with either of these website builders, unlike when you are using WordPress.

Plus, both Wix and GoDaddy have drag-and-drop editors, so even complete newbies can easily set up and customize their websites.

Both of them also use the innovative ADI feature, which will set up the best template and website for you based on your answers to a few questions about your future site.

The Wix editor has more editing options and tools, which, as noted above, can be both a good and a bad thing. GD is simpler, which is even better for those of you who don’t want to be confused or overwhelmed by too many choices and features.

The winner: 

These website builders are straightforward to use, but GoDaddy is easier to handle because it offers fewer editing and customization options than the Wix website and store builder. So, if ease of use is your main priority, then GoDaddy is the better choice.

For those looking for ease of use plus 100% customization, the Wix site builder and Wix ADI are the better option for you.


However brilliantly designed your website is, you will need to promote and market it properly to let more people see it and drive in traffic.

Both offer nifty marketing instruments for their subscribers. They include various deals for purchasing ads on Google, Yelp, Bing, and others.

GoDaddy Marketing notes:

  • Each of the plans offered includes social media and email marketing instruments, including creating commercial pages on social media, social posts  and responses, email promo campaigns sends from 100 up to 25,000 emails per month, branded content creator and more
  • An SEO built-in optimizer in their website builder will help you get better rankings in search engine results
  • All plans come with guidance and analytics tools 

Wix Marketing notes:

  • Each plan comes with $300 of ad vouchers for purchasing Google or Bing ads and for local listings
  • There are a professional logo tool and social platform logo files included in the Pro and VIP plans
  • 1-year event calendar for your website
  • A powerful Wix Email marketing service
  • 50+ available marketing apps available on the Wix App Market

The winner: 

It is once again a tie. Wix offers its subscribers an Email marketing service and ad voucher discounts. In contrast, GoDaddy offers seamless integration with social media, email marketing, and more tools and features built-in and useful for marketing your website, brand, or the products you are selling.


SEO can be a difficult concept to grasp for newbies in search engine optimization.

Thankfully, both have nifty SEO wizards, which will help guide you through optimizing the content of your site to improve its rankings in Google, Bing, and other search engines.

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GoDaddy SEO notes

Wix SEO notes

  • The SEO Wiz will guide you through the SEO process during the setup of your Wix website
  • There are powerful SEO tools integrated into the basic plans, including customizable URLs and tags, canonical URLs, structure data, instant Google indexing from the dashboard, and more
  • It also offers professional SEO assistance 
  • The Advanced SEO tools include bot logs, SEO patterns, structured data, site verification, and more

The winner: 

It is once again a tie.


Suppose you are looking for the better website builder between Wix vs. GoDaddy for your ecommerce website or business plan. In that case, you should probably opt for an ecommerce dedicated web builder such as Shopify or WooCommerce instead.

But if you still want to use either one of the companies for building and web hosting your online stores, then you are in luck because each platform has built-on ecommerce features and tools.

GoDaddy Ecommerce notes:

  • You can sell products, services, and digital products on your business website
  • With the Ecommerce plan, you will receive tools, like flexible payments (PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, credit card) without added transaction fees
  • Also included in the Ecommerce plan is an easy to use product listing tool
  • There is social and marketplace integration and multi-channel sales are supported
  • The GD website builder and hosting provider platform offers flexible shipping options
  • Promo and discount features

Wix Ecommerce notes:

  • You can sell all types of physical or digital goods
  • There are various ecommerce tools integrated into the business and ecommerce plans, including secure online payments, client accounts, plans, and recurring payments, customer service, customized reports, and more
  • There are also hundreds of ecommerce tools on the Wix App Market you can pick from

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The winner:

Wix wins this round thanks to its wider assortment of built-in and additional ecommerce tools available for online entrepreneurs on the platform.

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Extra features

Extra features like useful apps, plug-ins, mobile apps, and others can make your website setup and management experience a much easier task.

Easy to install apps can improve the functionality of your online store or another website immensely too.

GoDaddy Extra Features

  • It doesn’t have its own app store, but it does have a nifty mobile app for web building and management of the website on the go
  • Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms syncing and integration
  • Additional paid options for some industries, including real estate listings, open table reservations, reviews, and more

Wix Extra Features

  • Wix has one of the best App Markets in the industry with hundreds of in-house and third-party apps, some of which are free and others paid

The winner: 

The winner is Wix when it comes to extra features. It offers a vast range of different useful apps on its App Market, and also its plans come with useful built-in features for your Wix website too.

Customer Support

No matter how easy these website builder platforms are to use, it is still necessary to have access to reliable and timely help when in need of assistance.

Both offer 24/7 customer help and support, even for their free trials and free plans.

GoDaddy Customer Support notes:

  • There is an extensive Help Center, which is easy to search for topics of interest
  • The community forum is also very useful for getting support and advice
  • The company offers 24/7 phone-based support

Wix Customer Support notes:

  • The Wix Help Center is amazingly useful with a detailed FAQ section
  • There are a ticketing system and a call-back service but no 24/7 live phone support
  • You can get email assistance
  • There is real-time premium support for the premium and VIP plans

The winner: 

Once again, it is a tie in the comparison between the two regarding client help and support. While GoDaddy offers 24/7 phone support, the answers provided by Wix’s tech support team via the ticketing or email system are more detailed and useful.

TL; DR – Our Quick Overview

Ease of useGoDaddy
Customer supportEqual
Extra featuresWix


In conclusion, the direct comparison between Wix and GoDaddy has ended in a tie in most cases.

Wix has a very slight edge over GoDaddy, mainly thanks to the website builder platform’s customizability and the hundreds of add-ons and features.

On the other hand, GD has a more comfortable to handle editor, which will allow even non-tech-savvy people to build a professional-looking site without getting confused and carried away in the infinite customizable options.

Here is when GoDaddy is a better choice than Wix:

  • If you are on a tight budget and want a website with zero ads and for free
  • If you have minimal tech skills and are looking for the fastest and easiest way to set up a website and get it running
  • If you already use their products

Here is when Wix is a better choice:

  • If you want to have complete control over the design of your Wix website
  • If you want to have a powerful and growing website with Wix, and access to multiple different sales, marketing, SEO tools, shipping, payment, and other apps on the Wix App Market 

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