Wix Corvid – Review

What exactly is Wix Corvid?

Wix Corvid, formerly known as Wix Code, allows you to add advanced functionality to your Wix website. Custom user journeys and dynamic pages are examples of this.

Do you want to know more? This article will delve into the world of the Corvid. It will describe its main features, who should use it, and demonstrate all of the cool things you can do with it.

Who is Wix Corvid For?

Wix Corvid does not require any coding knowledge, but it is extremely useful. You must have basic computer skills. When you have questions, Wix has many simple guides to help you. There will, however, be some learning curves if you are a complete beginner to Wix Corvid.

Wix Corvid is recommended for users who have Wix websites and want to add more functionality. Wix Corvid enables you to create custom interactions, connect to other apps, and access your information database.

Wix Corvid is also suitable for web developers who want more creative freedom than the standard Wix Editor but do not want to deal with complex open-source software such as WooCommerce or Magento.

Wix Corvid provides more customization options for your Wix website.
Do you enjoy the sound of Wix Corvid?
You can immediately use your programming skills to create a masterpiece! Let’s get started!Check out our Best Website Builders guide to compare Wix to other website builders.

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Wix Corvid Features

Wix Corvid is made up of three parts that provide you with various coding abilities. Each feature will be briefly described below before going into greater detail.

Database Management System

This is where you can store all of the information needed to populate your website, such as images, URLs, and product descriptions. Corvid’s database system serves as the foundation for dynamic pages and repeating layouts.

JavaScript Snippets

JavaScript code can be used to create custom interactions such as collapsible meals.

API for Wix (application programming interface)

You can use the API to control how your website interacts and communicates with third-party apps. This allows for seamless integration of your website and apps such as Vimeo, Twitter, Stripe Payments, and Twitter. More on this to come.

What Can You do With Wix Corvid?

Wix Corvid takes the functionality of your Wix website to a whole new level. These are the most interesting things you can do with Corvid.

Collections of Databases

A database collection is a spreadsheet containing information and media like images and product descriptions. This can be used to automatically generate content for your website using Corvid. Database collections are ideal for large websites that require a large number of unique pages, such as recipe websites.

When you enable Wix Corvid, your site will be automatically connected to Wix Data. This gives you access to the built-in databases in Wix Data, which you can populate. You can also use the External Databases SPI to connect your site to any other database.

Create dynamic pages

Assume you’re creating a website to promote your muffin-baking business. You will be able to create one web page in Wix Editor once you have created your database collection spreadsheet. Connect each section of the page to the corresponding column in your database spreadsheet. Wix Corvid can automatically generate individual pages for each row in a database. In this case, the dynamic page feature will generate pages for each muffin recipe automatically.

Repeating Layouts

Although having separate pages for each recipe is ideal, you may want to include a photo of all of your recipes on one page. This is possible with Corvid’s Repeating Layouts feature.

Simply go to the Wix Editor backend, click Add Elements, and then List and Grids to choose the grid layout you want. Corvid will then show all of your database fields on a single page.

Custom User Input Forms

Wix Corvid makes it simple to collect feedback, reviews, and user-generated content from your users.

This is the same method used to create on-page content and Dynamic templates pages. Create an empty form in the editor next. Connect the text boxes to the columns and switch the mode to Write’ instead of Read’. These empty text boxes are now ready for your users to fill out. Your users’ responses will be automatically added to the empty table after clicking ‘Submit.’

Custom Interactions

Corvid allows you to modify the behavior of your web pages by changing the JavaScript code. By updating the JavaScript code, you can make your web pages respond differently to each user.

You could make animations that appear when the page loads, or you could set up different actions based on the responses people give to the questionnaire you created. Visitors to your website can benefit from custom interactions.


APIs are JavaScript messages that instruct other software on how to interact with one another. APIs allow you to seamlessly integrate your website with third-party plugins such as Vimeo or Facebook.

API integration is a complex process that is best left to JavaScript experts. APIs can still be mastered with some research. Check out Wix’s instructional video for more information on Corvid.

How to Activate Wix Corvid

Do you think Corvid is cool? We feel the same way! Fortunately, getting started is simple.

Select “Dev Mode” while building your Wix site to enable Corvid.

After you’ve turned on Corvid, double-click ‘Home Page Code’ to open the code panel. Let your hair down!

Although activating Corvid couldn’t be easier, once you’ve enabled this amazing feature on your Wix website, you’ll realize it’s far more than that. Have fun coding!

Wix Corvid Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need Wix Corvid?

If you already have a Wix website and are satisfied with its features, you do not need to use Wix Corvid. If necessary, you can still use the regular website builder! Wix Corvid is an excellent choice if you want to add more functionality and/or control over the layout and design of your website.

Is there a better option than Wix Corvid?

Wix Corvid allows you to easily get involved in the code of your website. If you are tech-savvy, this platform may be a little limited. In this case, we recommend WordPress.org. It is a content management system rather than a website builder. This increases the difficulty of use while also allowing for greater customization.

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