Weebly Templates – 14 Beautiful Templates and Designs for Your Site

In our evaluation, Weebly demonstrates powerful strengths for small businesses and portfolios. This article will cover a few of the themes you may wish to work with if you begin building your website.

One of the most effective choices for creating a site is Weebly. This’s because of an intuitive layout and design and several good themes that could make your blog, portfolio, and eCommerce site look like a million dollars. In a world where text and images dominate the web, the right look is everything, particularly on the Internet.

The thing that sets Weebly apart is that its themes are simple and elegant enough not to compromise usability. There’s a consistent style that Weebly follows, and this’s one thing not many other website builders do. Here are a few excellent Weebly templates that you could use to create a new site, or even if you simply want to refresh the appearance of your site.

Weebly has more than 50 themes to pick from, split across seven categories, from small businesses to events. With a goal to help you with your choice, we will review a few of them right here.

The themes that you could add are simple to modify and free. Consequently, when you find the best Weebly template you would like to use, you can make it your own.

Check out these themes by creating a free Weebly account using your password and email. You can also see all the themes covered in this article and make an informed decision without any hassle.

Best for Businesses

#1: South corner

The South corner theme by Weebly is perfect for small and local businesses. With its clear sections, full-width image backgrounds, and a lot of white space, it’s simple and stylish. This theme is brimming with harmony between images and text, and horizontal banners like sections, making the users want to scroll down. A few of the characteristics that make it fantastic are built-in:

  • ‘Schedule Appointment’ calls to action – schedule appointments allow visitors to book appointments with you on your site, making it simple to manage your bookings.
  • Built-in gallery for your main page – showcase your merchandise, team, or location.
  • Location Map -using an interactive map to help individuals find you is another good way to turn your site visitors into real time customers.
  • Blog – creating a blog won’t only help your Seo (Search Engine Optimization), but it will help you keep in contact with your customers and keep them informed.

The timepiece is a Weebly niche concept with a contemporary and receptive design. This’s a terrific way of advertising products, including fashion jewelry, jewelry, accessories, and more. It can also be utilized to produce a niche market for niche items. Similarly, the well-maintained and minimal style of the design enables you to effectively highlight items in additional information.

#2: Acquire

Any company site could be customized easily with Weebly’s Acquire theme. The homepage features a huge image header and an interactive menu, and every page has an image header, which creates an intelligent and engaging aesthetic. The theme also includes grid gallery sections and many images, challenging the “boring business site” stereotype.

The Acquire theme also offers many excellent features that will help your business look better, including:

  • Blog – Our preferred feature of this particular blog is the minimal design and expandable “Details” section at the bottom of the page with info about the author, categories, and archives.
  • Contact Form – The contact page includes a form where guests can get in contact with you.
  • Call to action “Hire Us” is particularly effective if your company provides a service
  • The Search feature is intended to help visitors locate what they’re searching for in the quickest time possible.

The theme makes a powerful initial impression with its big format pictures and bold text. Any content that’s displayed may look impressive. The brand new navigation structure will keep the visitor’s focus on the content while leaving the majority of the site accessible with smooth new scrolling effects and a redesigned blog layout, which displays the name tags.

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Best for Portfolios

#1: JS Photography

The theme of JS Photography includes a big, full-width image of your work together with a link to your portfolio page. The collage-style gallery grid displaying various sized pictures helps concentrate on what you would like your photographs to say. Rather than using a regular square grid, this method helps create much more intriguing effects.

Weebly’s template has the following attributes:

  • Galleries – With a distinct portfolio page, you have a lot of room to showcase design work, artwork, or your photography.
  • Blog – Make use of the blog to show your progress to clients or visitors and keep them updated on your newest projects.
  • Contact Form – use the built-in contact form to let prospective clients get in touch with you using email address name, along with a short explanation of what they would like.
  • Social Integration: The theme includes integrated icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at the bottom of each page.

The theme is an intelligent classic that provides your website with a feeling of composure and design prowess. With fresh navigation elements, full header images, beautiful white palettes, it will help your site make a complicated splash without being over the top. Fixed navigation will keep the bulk of your content accessible, making this ideal for websites with plenty of pages.

#2: Modus Operandi

The Modus Operandi template from Weebly is ideal for minimalist portfolios if you do not wish to overwhelm your visitors with way too many pages. Additionally, it features a contact page and an about page, together with a gallery of your work on the homepage. The editor enables you to add pages, but we favor a clean, uncluttered look. You can add pages as needed.

A few of the distinctive characteristics of this template are:

  • A sticky navigation menu – whenever you scroll down the page, the menu will stay at the top of the page, making it simple for your site visitors to navigate around.
  • The social icons are already integrated at the bottom of the homepage, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Contact Form is essential when it comes to ensuring that prospective clients can get in contact with you as fast as they possibly can.

With a lot of content being made and shared online each day, there has never been a better way to showcase your skills to the world. It is possible to do this elegantly using a style that grabs your attention with the Modus Operandi theme. By doing this, guests will be in a position to quickly comprehend your job, and you will also be able to share it with other people.

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Best for Personal Websites

#1: Mandy Miller

The Mandy Miller template is among the best you can get for your freelance business website. It is a very diverse theme and you can do a lot of customization and change the colors to brighter ones if you wish.

It lets you showcase many pictures without the page becoming cluttered or too long by mixing large-screen images with neat grid galleries and banners. The site has a “Hire” button and room for customer feedback. And it is just the homepage!

There’re lots of excellent features in this particular theme, such as:

  • Incorporating testimonials on your site – could be an excellent way to get more individuals to get in touch with you.
  • Instagram feed – Once you integrate your social media account with your site, you can have a live feed of all your latest posts.
  • A sticky navigation menu makes it simple to navigate between web pages, particularly since the homepage is so long.
  • Call to action button “Hire Me” – make it as simple as possible to convert site visitors into clients.

With a traditional Serif and also Sans Serif typography pairing along with a contemporary color palette, Mandy Miller allows you to, as well as your content, figure out the firmness of your site. blogs have a distinctive centered format, so try turning the blog sidebar off, being the best from this particular format, and truly design your posts to stand out. Mandy Miller is ideal for artists, bloggers, architects, photographers, and minimalists.

#2: Bella Marcel

The Bella Marcel template by Weebly has a stylish, contemporary feel. It is a light, bright template that utilizes plenty of interactive scrolling and white space. The mixture of pictures and text makes it enjoyable to look at without sacrificing professionalism. For people serious about building their brand, you will discover that every page features a logo on it.

The Bella Marcel template offers a few features that might interest you:

  • The theme features navigation menus at the bottom and top, and you can find this feature really handy!
  • Interactive scrolling – the header text gets smaller and disappears while you move down the page, a simple but effective feature that gives the website an elegant feel.
  • With four calls to action buttons on the main page, you can count on your site visitors to engage and convert.
  • You will get a profile page with this template that will enable you to showcase your work.
  • The contact form and map are included. Visitors can make use of the contact form or look at your location on the interactive map.

The theme features a lot of nice add – ons. It provides consistently stylish and amazing design elements with neutral backgrounds that set the tone for a selection of extremely attractive site-building options.

Best for Events

#1: John and Maggy

If you want a wedding site, John and Maggy theme is perfect because it has many features, including RSVPs, photo galleries, and a contact form. It is simple, modern, and elegant, contrasting light pinks with dark greys and a light background. Nevertheless, it is simple to customize the color scheme to match your tastes.

This Weebly’s template most well-known features include:

  • RSVP forms to confirm attendance, along with the number of guests they are bringing, are available on the site and on the dedicated RSVP page.
  • Registry page – for wedding events and more with a list of companies on it and a page with donation suggestions.
  • Contact form and interactive map – these functions can also be helpful in case your guests have questions or need to plan their trip.
  • The gallery may be filled with valuable photos of the venue, past events, the happy couple, and it all comes nicely in the slideshow.

#2: Run

This template is ideally used for charity functions. This particular style is bold and punchy with little clutter, and it is simple to read. This template is very easy to use and gets straight to the point of encouraging individuals to sign up and get involved. Lots of big headings, calls to action, and photographs all help to encourage the visitor to take action. In addition, there are registration and contact forms.

It’s possible to include a donation function in a charity event template, but we want to see the option in the initial design. You can install an app like Donorbox, which you can find from the Weebly App Center.

Here are a number of the features we liked about the Run template:

  • The calls to action of “Sgn up” and “Volunteer” direct the visitor to act, and this’s the center of this design.
  • “Learn About the Foundation” – this section could be utilized to introduce individuals to your event or charity.
  • Utilizing email registration form, you can have individuals register for your event or receive more info.
  • Make use of the Contact Form – This’s the easiest way for individuals to contact you with inquiries.

Your site will have an editorial feel if you use the theme. Fade effects and transitional navigation bars can make your content appear amazing. Every page is superbly created and organized, and your pictures and content will speak for themselves with an easy color scheme.

#3: Century Arts

Century Arts theme is ideal for corporate events with sections including photos and bios for the speakers. We particularly love the sections on speakers. The speakers’ galleries include a lively mix of images and text in addition to the large, full-width image headers that prevent the design from becoming boring. We like the vibrant red tones and bold fonts in the demo content.

We focus on this theme attributes:

  • RSVP homepage’ block’ – utilizing a block of solid color with a bit of text along with an RSVP call to action is a terrific way to grab visitors’ attention
  • Quick fact section – one powerful method to provide important info to visitors is by overlaying numbers over an image. This’s known as the fact section.
  • Speakers ‘About’ page – you can present your key lineup by producing a profile for each speaker, with a photo and short paragraph describing each speaker’s attributes.
  • A dedicated RSVP page enables guests to register for the event, and also the interactive map helps them plan their visit.

Additionally, you will discover that Weebly has built ticket sales into its other corporate event theme, Vue. What an excellent idea! You can add the same functionality to this theme as well.

Best for Blogs

#1: Lily & Rue

Weebly’s most widely used blogging theme is Lily & Rue, which is ideal for individual bloggers instead of teams of writers.

It stands out from the group because of its big image header and its “Read More” call to action, and you can find the homepage quite functional. Some of the very best content is showcased on the homepage, together with the latest posts and a newsletter signup form. You can also keep up with the most recent news by browsing through the categories and posts.

The template also includes a collapsible corner menu and a sticky image banner that will show up on every page. A few of the attributes that you may need to know about are:

  • Featured Categories image blocks are displayed, and visitors can hover over the pictures to find out which categories they belong to.
  • Latest Articles homepage – guests may now browse through your most recent articles trough a nice looking grid layout with image, title, description and “Read me” button.
  • Inviting your site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter is a great way to make certain they receive the info they need.
  • Make use of the search feature to help your readers locate the info they’re searching for. Your readers will value this feature.

#2: Upstart

Weebly’s Upstart template is perfect for a business blog or for those who have a big content catalog. This theme is incredibly advanced and smart, and due to the use of white space and blocks to separate the various sections, it is always fun to browse.

Upstart has numerous helpful features, among them:

  • Read More calls to action –The homepage features the titles of articles, along with the date and category stamp, with a large “Read More” button for better engagement.
  • About Me sidebar – with a photo, a brief bio, and a link to your social media sites, this’s a terrific way of introducing yourself to your readers.
  • A newsletter subscription form is convenient, and you are able to find it in the sidebar of the site.
  • Join the Community – this is an excellent way for your readers to connect.

The theme is contemporary and clean, giving your site an approachable and modern look. It keeps your content trendy with its streamlined black and gold color scheme.

Best for Coming Soon


Sol is a great template for websites that are coming soon, having technical difficulties, or which are under construction. It’s simple to put in your own background image with text and logo as well as a newsletter so that guests can keep up with your most current news.

The thing that makes this template fantastic is the subscription form for newsletters. After a user has submitted their email address, they will be added to your list as a subscriber.

Best for Other: Miscellaneous

#1: Urbandale

Weebly’s Urbandine theme is ideal for your restaurant or food business site. The website will help visitors discover: what you’ve to offer regarding menus, contact information, photos, and reservations. Each page features a picture header, so the template switches between full-width images and grid galleries to produce a modern look. The homepage menu uses an asymmetric layout to allow food photography to take center stage.

Urbandale is a premier choice due to some of these features:

  • Table reservation  – reservation using OpenTable is included in this template.
  • Menu – because 77 % of diners would like to view the menu before they go to eat, they need to have a site that they can check online.
  • Gallery – There’re lots of galleries to showcase your food service, catering staff, or venue.

If you are looking to produce an easy portfolio site or perhaps an individual site to market your professional services, this Weebly theme is the ideal option for you. It is a theme created for professionals as well as freelancers. Additionally, it has a stunning portfolio section where you can post info about yourself, your services, and case studies.

#2: Loveseat

In the event that you want an internet store template, take a look at Loveseat – it is a clean, simple theme created to let your products shine instead of opening up the floor to large chunks of text. There’s a “Start Shopping” button above the fold, in addition to a sticky navigation menu, logo as well as image header. This theme has many different pages, including a blog, shop, contact page, and an about page, so you truly have everything covered.

Weebly’s theme includes a cornucopia of ecommerce features, such as:

  • Products you wish to advertise on your homepage can be done by picking out which products to highlight on your main page and making them much more apparent.
  • Product pages – listings you create all show an image of the product, name and the price along with a “View Product” button.
  • Business information – On each page lists your business hours, telephone number, and email address so that customers can get in touch with you immediately.

Ultimately, you can produce a personalized experience for your client with the LoveSeat template. This theme achieves what few others can: create an individual experience over a standard template, with a style that gives the feeling of being on an individual showroom tour. For a genuinely rousing experience, LoveSeat includes responsive elements and animations.

Weebly Templates: Summary

Picking out the best Weebly theme can be challenging, but as soon as you understand what you like for your brand and the features you want to show on your site, you will find it easier to perform your first draft.

You also need to comprehend that you don’t need to code to modify any of Weebly’s templates and you can alter the colors, styles, and fonts at will. You can use any of Weebly’s templates, and they will always be free, so there is absolutely no pressure on that.

We suggest always choosing a theme relevant to your industry because they already have built-in features; thus, it will be useful and easier and more time-efficient. That being said, you can also add features to any template.

With this understanding, you can start to look into the very best templates available on Weebly in each category.

These Weebly themes can be used for several online companies and industries. We believe you will discover that they can be extremely effective, helping you develop your online presence.

The various templates have distinctive functions and layouts, and as a result, you could start to personalize your site as easily as possible. Weebly makes this simple to do as you learn how to use it and improve your results.

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Weebly Templates FAQs

How much do Weebly’s templates cost?

You’re completely free to use all of Weebly’s templates at no charge. The fantastic thing about this’s that you do not need to pay for any templates, even if you choose to use the free plan.

Can I source my Weebly theme from elsewhere?

Yes, you could, but we don’t suggest it, though. You do not need to purchase a Weebly template unless you use a third-party theme, for which you can pay a fee. It’ll most likely set you back more or less 40 dollars to purchase one of these. You need to avoid using them over Weebly themes because it is not as professional-looking, and there’s the possibility of quality issues with the designs you receive.

How do I find and preview themes on Weebly?

It is simple to browse through Weebly’s theme library, which has many themes to select from. Nevertheless, to preview themes, you will have to log in first. You can create a Weebly account using your password and email; you will be asked If you want to make a store on the Internet or build a site without ecommerce. After that, you can go to Weebly’s theme library, in which you can browse through the themes organized by industry and click on each one to see a demo.

How do I customize my Weebly theme?

You may want to place your stamp on the theme you pick regardless of how much you love it. Weebly’s drag-and-drop editing features make this simple. You can head to the Weebly editor once you have a theme selected. After that, you can modify the settings for sections, pages, images, or text boxes with the sidebar, and you can add new pages, sections, and elements (like text boxes or images).

Within the Pages tab, you can modify the HTML templates for the headers and upload your custom content. You can click the icon next to the folder header to upload a brand new header type or make a brand new one.

Can I change my theme later?

Yes! You can change your Weebly theme anytime, so if you recognize you do not like your theme as you did initially or want to rebrand your site later on – this’s simple to do. Although Weebly will attempt to reformat as much content as it is able to, you need to ensure that your website looks the way it should. Checking every page can also be suggested.

Where are all Weebly’s online store themes?

Whenever you browse through Weebly’s template library, you may recognize that they’re no ecommerce templates to pick from. Weebly has been acquired by Square, the same company that manages its ecommerce offerings, so in case you would like to develop an online store using Weebly, you’re working with Square Online. This means that Square creates all the ecommerce templates for Weebly, and you get a Square theme for your store.

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