Strikingly Review: The Easiest Solution for Single Page Layouts?

In our digital world, a website is necessary for many businesses and professionals. They allow people to see what you have to offer as a brand, such as products and services. Website builders have become the go-to for these tasks, especially those that promise easy-to-use tools. Strikingly is a website builder that aims for simplicity and beauty, showcasing single pages with various headings and sections.

The page scrolls downward, making for a very unique user experience. Bloggers, freelancers, and small-time businesses will find the format useful, especially if they want to grab visitors’ attention right away.

So, what exactly does it have to offer? This Strikingly review has all the answers.

Strikingly Pricing

Strikingly offers different pricing tiers for its users. There is a free tier with key features available, a limited tier for increased data and domain support, a pro version with multi-page sites and unlimited data, and a VIP tier for priority customer support and additional stores.


The free tier contains all the basic features of Strikingly. Free users get a subdomain, with a URL that goes “,” which is similar to other free website builders. They also have a “Create a Site with Strikingly” banner at the bottom part of the page. In addition, the free tier also allows users to sell one free product. Storage size is limited to 5GB of data every month.


The limited tier is available to users for only $12 every month. Compared to the free version, the limited tier has a few worthy features included. For example, users on a limited plan can enjoy connecting their registered domain. This perk is helpful for bloggers or small businesses who want to craft a brand without shelling out too much money.

The size of data for transfers is also increased. This time, monthly transfers are upped to 50GB every month. Websites expecting a sizable amount of traffic will enjoy this perk. In addition, small businesses can sell up to five products. For those just trying out online selling, this can be a great way to test the waters.

The Limited tier can also be purchased annually for $96 or just $8 per month.


Slightly more expensive than the Limited plan, the Pro tier has more benefits. This plan, available for $20 monthly, removes the Strikingly brandings in the footer. The website looks completely owned by you, leaving no mark of it being built through a tool. This tier also allows you to utilize multiple pages for the website.

The Pro plan also allows users access to more extensive widgets through an app store. Mobile sites can also be customized to have a phone and email support. Bigger businesses will also enjoy increased product support, allowing sites to sell up to 300 items.


The VIP tier is the most expensive plan offered by Strikingly. Available for an annual payment of $588 ($49 per month), the plan is perfect for bigger stores that have accumulated more customers. Sites can now sell up to 500 products, and priority phone support is included in the package.

In addition, a year of custom domain registration is bundled with the plan. If you want to add a custom email address, you can also add $25.

Pros and Cons of Strikingly


  • Strikingly’s tools are beginner-friendly
  • Themes are aesthetically pleasing
  • Templates are also fast and responsive
  • Consistent uptime


  • Fewer customization options
  • Few template choices
  • The free tier is very limited
  • Only physical products are supported

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Rating Details

Strikingly has a lot of features and is generally easy to use. We dissected it through various metrics to see how it stacks up against competitors.

Ease of use

Strikingly is a drag-and-drop website builder. Like others of its kind, it is very easy to learn and use. Beginners will not have any trouble enjoying the various tools available. The graphical editor also makes it easy for people to customize the site however they want. Simply drag elements you want to use and drop them where you want to place them.

Once you are content with the look of your site, it can be up in just a few clicks. Custom code is available in the paid tiers, although they can be unnecessary if you like the templates enough.

Choice and flexibility of design (templates)

Strikingly has ten templates available for use. Although this number is limited compared to its competitors, they are more upfront. Business templates have a look that is tailored specifically for more commercialized and industrial-looking websites. Personal and portfolio templates are tailored for bloggers and freelancers, respectively.

These templates offer a broad functionality, which makes them convenient for users. The templates are also section-based, meaning that there are content blocks. Page elements can be dropped anywhere, although individual themes have their settings for some sections. Some sections are only found in selected themes.

Make sure to try out different templates before applying them to your website. You can change some of the basic settings like colors and fonts, with simple clicks, so do not fret if you dislike the look but love the functionality. You can make adjustments to them while previewing, so you can decide if the template works for you or not.


Strikingly is advertisement-free. However, it allows users to put paid advertisements on their websites. Users can link their websites with tools like Google AdSense if they wis\h to monetize their content via ads.


Strikingly allows its users to utilize their preferred language. Those who wish to change their site’s language settings may do so, although it can change some features such as shop, customer support, and newsletters. Users can also link multiple websites to create a multi-language network.


Strikingly has a robust set of features. These are found in most of its competitors, but the builder has a unique take on many of them.

  • Your domain name. Strikingly’s paid tiers allow you to connect your domain name. The VIP plan even gives you a year of custom domain registration, which is perfect for those who want to spare themselves the hassle.
  • Depth of navigation. Strikingly’s unique single-page design gives users a one-of-a-kind experience. The customization tools are also different compared to competitors.
  • Widgets. The Pro and VIP plans allow access to third-party widgets. In particular, the VIP tier has a Live Chat widget. This functionality is great for businesses that want to be in touch with customers 24/7.
  • Mobile App. Strikingly has a mobile app that allows users to monitor their website on the go. It is very convenient for those who have busy schedules and cannot be on their laptop or PC all the time.
  • E-Commerce. Setting up an online shop with Strikingly is easy. You just need to toggle the e-commerce section on, and you will be good to go! It allows for easy adding of products, changing settings, and discount voucher creation.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Websites created through Strikingly have accessible SEO optimization. That means users can optimize their websites via Meta tags and even just keywords! No more complicated widgets or lines of code.
  • Blog. The simple interface of the platform is perfect for bloggers. Some templates cater to personal blogs. Users will have no shortage of tools at their disposal to create engaging content.

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  • Visitor statistics. Strikingly has a built-in analytics tool that lets you monitor crucial pieces of data. These include page views, unique visitors, and countries.
  • Contact form. Strikingly utilizes online contact forms to answer inquiries or customer concerns. The forms are comprehensive, and the team is usually receptive. Most concerns are solved within a day or two.
  • Password protection & member areas. Strikingly implements a strong CAPTCHA system and has other security features in place. Members also have access to the idea forum, a place where people can share their thoughts about the tool.
  • Newsletter tool. VIP users can select and filter subscribers for their newsletter. Custom emails can be created with a few clicks, and the newsletters may be sent directly to subscribers. Shops that aim for customer retention will benefit from this functionality.
  • Add HTML code. Users under the Pro plan can incorporate their custom lines of code. This functionality gives them access to a whole slew of additional website functionalities, such as music, ticket forms, countdowns, Q and A, and more.
  • Storage space. Each tier has access to a specific amount of storage. The Limited tier has 1GB of storage, while the Pro plan has 3GB. VIP plans have 10GB per site. The amount is suitable enough to hold documents, images, videos, and other files.
  • Support. All plans have access to 24/7 chat support. The support team is composed of real humans, so you do not have to worry about being redirected to a chatbot. The VIP plan also has phone support in English. Email support is also available.
  • Backups & Restore. You can clone your websites via Strikingly to create a backup. The clone will have its URL and will be marked as a copy of the original website. You can use this as a backup in case you accidentally make any unwanted changes.

Overall Rating

Overall, Strikingly is a solid 3.5 out of 5. It does its job and even has a few unique quirks. However, the single-page format can be limiting. Multi-page websites have been the norm on the internet for a reason, as visitors like the variety. The plans are also quite limited and are on the expensive side.

However, the tool does provide a lot of convenience for users. The design is very beginner-friendly, and the tools are straightforward. It is not a high learning curve, and you can have a website up within minutes.

If you value the ease of access, it is worth checking this website builder out. Websites that do not need complicated lines of code will work perfectly using this builder.

Strikingly Review Conclusion

In this Strikingly review, we told you that it is a website builder that holds its own against competitors. For instance, the same features you see on Wix and WordPress are available on Strikingly. The user interface is also relaxing, which is a contrast to the big and bright UI of other builders. Customer service is also responsive, and concerns can be sorted out quickly.

You also get access to shop functionalities, and a simple toggle will allow you to open up a storefront within minutes. The builder’s themes are also comprehensive, so crafting HTML or CSS is not necessary. You can change the look as you please, mixing and matching colors and fonts.

However, there are also many limitations. The shop can only sell physical items. Priority phone support is only available for the VIP tier, and there are only ten templates. Backups only exist via cloning, which is not exactly convenient for users. The plans are also quite expensive, especially since other builders have the same functionalities (and more) at cheaper prices.

All in all, Strikingly definitely has something to offer. But you need to carefully weigh if it is worth it.

Is Strikingly the right website builder for you?

With all these things in mind, is Strikingly the right fit for you?

Strikingly has a lot of offerings for its users. The unique single-page layout is something intriguing, especially since many websites these days have grown accustomed to the multi-page format. The builder is also easy to use, and the mobile app is responsive. If you value these things, then you can have a lot of productive work with Strikingly.

However, the expensive tiers and limited functionalities can also be a drawback. Think carefully about the cost. If you think convenience is something that is worth the money, then Strikingly could be the right fit. But if you want a builder that has a robust set of tools while also being more affordable, other options can satisfy your needs.

At the end of the day, what matters is your overall satisfaction with the tool. A website should accomplish what your goal is as a blogger, freelancer, or business. Go for the tool that can take you to greater heights.

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