Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free online marketing education, which will help you start and grow a successful online business with the help of digital marketing.

The platform helps you learn how to create a blog or website and get targeted traffic from different online channels.

We also teach you how to optimize your website for SEO according to Google Guidelines.

You can also find detailed information on how to create helpful content for your visitors.

Starting an online business could be challenging. That is why Fortunelords will help you create your freelance career, which can help you have more time for your projects and save enough funds to sponsor your ideas.

Our goal is to help you with free tutorials on using digital marketing to create and grow your online project.

We work for your success.

We provide detailed tutorials, videos, and free courses. We are building connections with leading experts in our industry who will participate free of charge.

Our long-term goal is to create an active community that provides digital marketing education for free and to help 10,000 individuals to start their online businesses every year.

We want to teach them:

Our mission is to educate people on how to create and grow their online business without the limitations of their physical location.

Meet Our Team


Danny Donchev is the founder of FortuneLords – He has been a digital marketing professional since 2005. Danny is in charge of the content creation on Fortunelords. Danny’s digital marketing guides have been read by over 500,000 people a year.




Tsveta Todorova – Is a brilliant designer with strong digital marketing skills. Her superpowers except awesomeness are social media, outreach, and research. She is a great communicator and a super fast learner.




Cvetoslava Spasova – А System Requirements Engineer. She is smart enough to work on almost everything we need. A huge green energy advocate and a loving mom. She also wants to save the penguins and the Earth in general. If you don’t recycle and use your car to travel to work, don’t tell her because it is bad for your health!