VPS Comparison 2022: Linode Vs DigitalOcean | Which is better?

Suppose you are in search of effective and high-performance cloud hosting services. In that case, you might already be familiar with the above-mentioned words, and you might also be familiar that these cloud hosting service firms are highly beneficial for web developers and app designers.

These cloud servers or cloud services come with advantageous and useful features for web hosting companies’ development.

This article helps you determine which hosting providers’ features and services are best and helps you decide which one to rely on. It is crucial to get to know all the pros and cons, features, pricing overviews, performance, and reviews before signing up for hosting services.


Linode Cloud Computing Linux Servers

Linode was established back in the year 2003 and is well-known for its easy-to-use feature and high performance.

It was founded by Christopher Aker, who by then was influential and has been having a crucial part and playing a vital role in the sphere of VPS hosting and google cloud platform. Linode cloud server is quite easy to use and is easy to boot for a newbie beginner and can be assisted in installing or deploying complex systems and devices.

Beginners with less or no touch in technical skills can quickly get the hang of it without any professional support, and that is what makes Linode stand out.

Linode Support

Linode offers VPS cloud hosting servers with basic level systems that are easy to grasp and get accustomed to and also provide the required tech support to the ones needed. Linode cloud servers offer almost five types of various computing services that highly assist in fulfilling customers’ unique requirements and offer customer support.

Linode has satisfied the consumers’ needs by making unique features and facilities available to them, which include requirements of high memory disk space, advanced performance, and specialized CPU and GPU services.

Linode Pricing


There are no abrupt lock-ins, no unexpected hourly billing, and other intriguing features of pricing. Linode is the same all over at every data center on the chalked-out map.

This cloud hosting server with VPS plans offers a wide range of facilities and top-notch features.

The VPS plans start from $5 per month, which avails 1 GB ram, and can extend up to 480$ a month, which avails 96 GB. The value VPS service for a basic plan or package can serve the RAM of 192 GB and SSD servers of 3840 GB and comes with 32 cores.

Linode service offers a wide range of most advanced VPS plan packages, which can be chosen as per the cloud service users’ requirements. The packages include shared plans, dedicated CPU plans, high memory plans, GPU plans. All the plans come with reliable performance capacity. Linode VPS plan pricing offers the following.

  • Linode comes with $5 for a month for one core and includes 1 GB RAM with an SSD server of 25GB and a transfer capacity of 1 TB.
  • It offers $10 for a month for one core and includes 2 GB RAM with an SSD server of 50 GB and a transfer capacity of 2 TB.
  • It also offers $30 per month for two core and includes 4 GB RAM with an SSD server of 80 GB and a transfer capacity of 4 TB.

Further details about the detailed structured Linode pricing can be referred here: Linode’s Pricing Page.

Linode key features

Linode Hardware

Linode is trusted by people worldwide and is considered reliable by web developers and app designers around the globe because of its highly advanced pricing plans, great performance features, and extremely reliable control panel system.

There are many features and facilities offered, which makes Linode one of the best cloud servers. It has also maintained its high profile for many years and made its place at the top of the chart.

One of the top features that make Linode trustworthy is its commitment to deliver a top-notch quality Linux server experience, making the cloud hosting experience the best.

The elements of pricing that attract people from around the world most are eliminating a hidden fee. Linode also offers simple and basic pricing plans and an easy-to-understand experience, which assures the removal of worries about penalties.

The uniquely designed and easily navigated layout and basic structured control panel, which can be used at ease, add to the list of pros. Linode’s tools equal the advanced level API platform in addition to DNS management and scaling features. Linode is always relied on to produce extreme results in the cloud hosting platform.

Linode comes with inclusive features like

  • Dedicated CPU plans.
  • Standard Instances.
  • GPU plans.
  • Kubernetes.
  • Object Storage.
  • Block Storage.
  • Data Backups.
  • Data load Balancers.
  • Server managers.

Further information can be accessed on Linode’s Products Page.

Linode advantages

There are many pros as to why application designers and web developers prefer Linode. Linode is opted for by people worldwide because of its intriguing features and reliable facilities, making it stand out in the crowd of server platforms and maintaining the audacity of staying on the top of the chart.

The data center locations are present in 11 places around the globe, which offer the same pricing and features. This makes it even more reliable and trustworthy. The services provided to users are packed in different plans and packages with simple and basic pricing and made available to everyone with the option of choosing one as per their requirement.

Linode comes with services that are strictly managed. Linode has a well-advanced built system and control panel with extremely advantageous backup facilities for users and allows them to back up data with one click. Linode takes various load balancers to expand the range and increase quality traffic over different servers.

The quality of the hosting platform has sprawled all around the globe and gained potential users. Linode has a huge hype and also has award-winning range support.


DigitalOcean hosting

DigitalOcean has been considered the most common cloud service to offer SSD-powered cloud servers at competitive rates and the best scalable attributes. Digitalocean has changed the way that teams and independent developers host applications and other web adventures.

It’s a special hosting method that reduces the need to handle your development infrastructure by efficient and secure hosting.

However, as in most technology-based solutions, certain consumers prefer an even lower price, improved storage, or unique functionality. DigitalOcean assists in installing and scaling applications and applications can be run without a glitch on multiple computers. DigitalOcean offers private virtual servers when using KVM as a hypervisor.

Data transfer and data backups could be done in seconds without any glitch.

DigitalOcean offers a top-notch web interface for developers. This platform offers simple pricing and comes with a basic control panel. Moreover, its streamlined layout is designed much faster for processing applications.

The servers offered by DigitalOcean, which are SSD, attract users worldwide and work with excellent performance. The basic and simple pricing plans help users to select the one according to their needs and requirements.

DigitalOcean pricing

DigitalOcean Pricing

Several ‘droplets’ are added with numerous functions and add-ons under DigitalOcean’s terminology. For consumers all over the world, a predictable package of monthly limits and flat pricing makes things easy. 

Standardized droplets have quite a spacious memory and can be used to scale software applications such as blogs and experiments.

Droplets DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean service offers a wide range of most advanced VPS plan packages, which can be chosen as per the requirements of the cloud users. The packages include basic droplets, general-purpose droplets, CPU-optimized droplets, memory-optimized, storage optimized, Kubernetes, and various such plans.

All the plans come with reliable performance capacity. DigitalOcean VPS plan name and pricing offers the following:

  • DigitalOcean comes with $5 for a month for one core and includes 1 GB RAM with an SSD server of 25GB and a transfer capacity of 1 TB.
  • It offers $10 for a month for one core and includes 2 GB RAM with an SSD server of 50 GB and a transfer capacity of 2 TB.
  • It also offers $30 per month for two core and includes 4 GB RAM with an SSD server of 80 GB and a transfer capacity of 4 TB.

Further details about the detailed structured DigitalOcean pricing can be referred to here Digital Ocean’s Pricing Page.

DigitalOcean key features

DigitalOcean gained trust and reliability from users around the world and is considered one of the best by application designers and web developers. It gained its hype because of the intriguing features and facilities it has to offer.

A developer must know about all the specialties of a platform like DigitalOcean before selecting a particular plan. DigitalOcean avails container registry to all the users, offering basic storage, private image manager, and assisting in pushing images without any trouble.

There are many features and facilities offered, which makes them one of the best cloud servers. 

One of the biggest qualities that make DigitalOcean trustworthy is its devotion to delivering a top-notch Linux server experience that makes the cloud storage experience the finest.

The removal of secret fees is the element of pricing per month that draws the most people from across the globe. DigitalOcean also has straightforward and basic pricing options and experience that is easy to understand, meaning that questions about fines are avoided.

DigitalOcean boasts Spaces CDN for exclusive URLs, which come with individual caches. In reality, as a bonus to boost special announcements and two-factor workflows, the sign-in experience has recently been revamped.

DigitalOcean comes with inclusive features like:

  • Droplet plans.
  • Load balancers.
  • Databases.
  • Kubernetes.
  • Object Storage.
  • Developer Tools.
  • VPS.
  • Floating IPS.
  • DNS.

Further information can be accessed at Digital Ocean Products.

DigitalOcean advantages

Pricing DigitalOcean

There are many benefits as to why developers and application designers choose to opt DigitalOcean. Because of its fascinating functionality and secured services, DigitalOcean is selected by people all over the world. That’s what helps it stick out in the crowd of server platforms and holds the audacity to sit at the top of the list.

It offers a 99% uptime guarantee and comes with easy to adapt console and UX. The droplet plans available can be launched in a minute or less, and an interesting feature is that multiple servers can be created using one account. DigitalOcean also provides load balancers to assist backend connections, which, as a result, improves efficiency and performance.

DigitalOcean has a well-advanced built system and control panel with extremely advantageous backup facilities for users and allows them to back up data with one click. The 99% uptime and the money-back guarantee feature intrigues people. DigitalOcean can be the best preference for people who manage web hosting in sharing environments.

The offerings provided to customers are bundled with easy and basic pricing in multiple plans and bundles and made available to anyone with an option to select one according to their specifications. DigitalOcean comes with exclusively controlled services.

To extend the spectrum and improve quality traffic over different servers, DigitalOcean uses the support of other load balancers. The hosting platform’s quality has expanded across the globe and has attracted future consumers.

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Linode vs. DigitalOcean key differences

Linode, DigitalOcean comprises of many similarities and differences between them, and they go as follows.

Pricing – instances

The pricing plans and structure of both DigitalOcean and Linode are quite similar. The comparison of entry instances with specifications is as follows.

  • Both DigitalOcean and Linode come with one vCPU.
  • DigitalOcean and Linode offer 1GB RAM.
  • The transfer capacity of DigitalOcean and Linode is 1 TB.
  • The SSD disk space provided is 25 GB.
  • DigitalOcean and Linode charge $5 for a month.

Pricing – object storage

The comparison of file storage of DigitalOcean and Linode goes as follows.

  • DigitalOcean and Linode offer 250 GB of file storage space at $5 a month.
  • They both charge $0.02 for additional storage space.

So, this proves that the object storage pricing of DigitalOcean and Linode looks similar.

Pricing – backups

The comparison of backup costs between DigitalOcean vs. Linode goes as follows.

  • Linode charges $2 a month for a nano node.
  • DigitalOcean charges $1 a month for an entry-level droplet.
  • Linode charges $0.003 for an hour.
  • DigitalOcean charges 205 of droplet price.

When we compare the backup prices, DigitalOcean is less costly. For instance, it would cost $2/mo at Linode and $1/mo at Digital Ocean if we compare the backup cost for the entry-level package ($5/mo) for both providers.

Pricing – load balancers

The comparison of the cost of load balancers goes like this.

  • Linode charges $10 for a month for load balancers.
  • DigitalOcean charges $10 a month for load balancers.

The difference between load balancers’ pricing is the same by both cloud service providers.

Managed services

The managed services provided by Linode, DigitalOcean are quite different in different ways. The comparison of managed services goes like this.

  • Linode offers a completely managed service at $100 per month and provides immediate response. It also provides a dashboard, 24/7 coverage facility, protection of data system, and a root access control panel.
  • DigitalOcean offers completely managed services at $15 per month for PostgreSQL, Redis, MySQL. It also covers failover automation, daily backups, performance reliability, and end-to-end security.

There are many differences, and one can choose between Linode and DigitalOcean according to their requirements.

Datacenter locations

Linode is spread around the world, with 11 data centers. The centers are present in the continents of North America ( Fremont, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Toronto), Europe(London, Frankfurt), Asia(Tokyo, Mumbai, Singapore), and Oceania( Sydney).

DigitalOcean is spread around the world with 8 data centers. The centers are present in the continents of North America( New York, San Francisco, Toronto), Europe(London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam), Asia(Singapore, Bengaluru).

Here Linode gains an advantage with its data center presence in Oceania, which can benefit those in Australia and the Asia Pacific regions.

Server uptime guarantee

The vital difference between DigitalOcean vs. Linode goes like this.

  • DigitalOcean offers an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.
  • Linode provides an uptime guarantee of 99.90%.

The gap may seem slight, but it isn’t. Imagine a server running 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. That means running for 8,760 hours. The application of the uptime pledge for each supply would take us to the numbers below:

Days in a Year 365Days, Hours a Day 24 hrs, Total Hours 8760 hrs, 

Linode Uptime 8751.24 hrs, Digital Ocean Uptime – 8759.124 hrs, 

Downtime Linode 8.76 hrs, Downtime Digital Ocean 0.876 hrs.

Thus, DigitalOcean has an edge that can guarantee that the server never goes down for more than 52 minutes a year. The server could be down for more than 8 hours while using Linode. DigitalOcean wins the race with flying colors and must be your first preference whenever you opt for a reliable hosting solution.

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