Excellent Lawyer Website Examples in 2022

Order! Order! And the session went silent. The lawyers were to put forth their arguments, and the Judge passed his judgment after that. Clarity is the most significant aspect that any lawyer looks for, and the legal field is the path where truth, justice, and transparency reside.

The Judges, Lawyers, and Attorneys use phrases and words which are complicated for a layman to understand. While the Lawyers cannot entirely explain the legal matters in front of the general public, they explore their creativity in their judicial style and explain their public mission through their websites.

Lawyer Websites are like any other ordinary websites that provide their visitors with all the information concerning the legal area. Such websites become much more attractive and successful when the lawyers adorn them with their creativity and develop incredible ideas to promote their firms.

If you belong to a law group and want to create your lawyer website, read this article until the end and jot down the ideas, you find attractive and worth using.

10 Excellent Lawyer Websites Examples

Listed below are the best Lawyers’ sites that will help you build your firm’s page and interact with your audience by providing them with relevant information about the judicial system. Let’s check them out before you get started to create a website for your law firm.

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

Roulston Urquhart Criminal Defence

When we hear about a crime, all the negative thoughts, bloodshed, and other shady elements enter our minds. This criminal defense law firm’s website is built using this theme. It is grey and bold with an intimidating appearance.

The monochromatic shade of grey and white instills a dark and deep feeling inside you that arises when you watch a suspense thriller movie. The site is simple and classy, with a touch of crime-like graveness in it. While the theme is so grey and dark, your defense attorney is a human figure with a simple look and good experience on the subject of crime.

This law firm has employed female lawyers who are bold and strong, and their bios show how confident they are about their profession. Their will to defend their clients and prove them innocent has been well portrayed in their biography. Roulston Urquhart is the best defense law firm website that displays the seriousness of the issue and provides a sense of faith to its clients at the same time.

Bick Law LLP

Bick Law Environmenta Lawyers

Bick Law is a different kind of law firm that deals with environmental issues and animal safety. Their homepage displays their motive for existence. The landing page consists of an attractive background with pictures of animals on it.

There are catchy phrases and animal puns present on the front page that give the visitor an idea of what the law firm deals with. You will also find that under their firm’s name, the phrase ‘Exclusively Environmentalist’ is mentioned. This phrase quickly attracts the customer’s attention so that they browse the entire page and contact the team members if they want to use their services.

Besides, mentioning that phrase also avoids unnecessary traffic at the site, slowing down the page. Anyone who doesn’t have to deal with a lawyer who deals with environmental issues can see the name and move to the actual site of his interest.

DKM Law Firm

DKM Law Group

DKM law firm deals with cases related to practice areas like real estate, financial disputes, and insurance troubles. You get legal advice on real estate disputes from the expert team, and their services are incredible. The website of this real estate law firm has a classy appearance that is kept simple and elegant. This elegant theme gives a touch of professionalism to this real estate site and helps get more and more clients.

So, for a person studying Law who wants to be a real estate attorney, this real estate website layout is a perfect inspiration.

Bhatt Law Firm

Bhatt Law Group

This law firm is the best law site based on its looks. The design choice is incredible and welcoming and is the best example to display the usage of multiple elements and vital things on one site.

To let the clients understand how important a website’s look is, this law firm uses a color combination of black and orange to highlight different things. While the background is black, the navigation options are highlighted in orange so that the user understands the importance of the options provided.

Such templates let you decide the arrangement of the call-to-action buttons and other vital options in a specific area of the page.

Also, by looking at their homepage, you know about the services provided by them. This prior knowledge helps you decide whether this website is the solution to your problem or the services will be of no use. The team of experts present for your rescue has long years of experience in different fields, and they help you get the appropriate results.

West Coast Trial Lawyer

West Coast Trial Lawyers

If you are looking for a unique page that is different from all others and the variety on the page speaks for itself, the West Coast Trial Lawyer Firm website is a must-go. Their webpage will give rise to new ideas and themes in your mind, and it sets the best example of how certain things can be compiled to come up with an attractive web page.

The page reflects their confidence in their work, and the look is alluring. The arrangement of the phrases like ‘free consultations’ etc., next to the consulting number is a smart decision. After all, a Lawyer is known for his sharp and creative mind, and the West Coast Trial Lawyer Law page says it all.

The reason behind such placement is to remind the clients that they can call this firm and avail their services without any investment. They rank #1 on Google, and this ranking is placed on the Law website also. It is intentionally done to attract the clients and impress them with their experience and previous results attained by emerging victorious in the cases fought.

Y Law Group

YLaw Family Divorce Lawyers in Vancouver

Y Law is a family law firm that deals with cases related to families. The topics include custody disputes and divorce cases that demand a Lawyer with good years of experience on such matters because the clients want to consult a reliable firm. Because such issues are bothersome and grave, the webpage of this firm contrasts. It has fun elements that help cut the grey phase and bring a ray of hope to the lives of those affected and disturbed.

Such a family law page with the fun elements to change the depressed state into laughter makes this page extraordinary and sets it apart from others in this field. This family law website of Y Law has designed the webpage of its firm in a convenient manner. The clients won’t fumble to find the essential details like contact numbers and other information. It is mentioned at a place where the viewer’s attention will be automatically directed.

The ‘featured in’ section of this Law page contains all their past activities and where their news has been published. Such a section increases the faith in the clients regarding the service that they provide.

You can take many website ideas from the page of this firm because it is well-organized, and the page is polished and looks professional. The teamwork done by the designers is excellent, and their effort has made it the best Law website to date.



The Law website of this firm is like any other website but with a twist to it. The elements placed on the web page of this firm dealing with personal injury are well-planned. This planning helps the personal injury lawyer’s firm grab their clients’ attention quickly, and they get hooked and excited to browse it deeply.

Other than the essential elements that have to be there on a webpage, this firm has brought its creative foot forward and very cleverly mentioned the phrase, ‘Over $1.1 Billion.’ That’s it, and the work is done! Who will not seek the service and a reliable lawyer with good experience from a firm worth $1.1 billion?

This tactic works wonders for this Law website and helps them achieve their goals and reach new heights. Their mission is also mentioned in big, bold font at the center to catch their clients’ attention. The motive of this firm is to protect their clients from all possible personal injury and give them justice.

There is not just one lawyer but many forming an excellent team with many years of experience. The results that they have got are great, and this gives their clients the faith that they are coming to the best firm to get their problems resolved.

Page Law

St Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

The founder of this Law page is Alana Page, who specializes in criminal cases and has good experience and hold on the subject matter. Her Law website is simple and elegant but speaks out loud. The front page has her name and her specialization, and the theme is quite calming and is intentionally kept that way. The clients facing criminal charges and are distressed when they come to the website of Page Law feel comfortable and welcomed.

Also, the front page consists of the option which says ‘free consultation.’ Such a choice of CTA is very creative as it intrigues the visitors to contact the founder to resolve their problems and that too free of cost.

Moving on, on the other pages, this website gives you insights into her areas of expertise and about her. The cases that she has dealt with and won have been mentioned, which interests people and intrigues them to consult the founder of this Law Webpage.

W3IP Law

W3IP Lawyers Sydney Melbourne

For those who want to build a website concerning intellectual property matters and digital disputes, they can always take inspiration from the web page of W3IP Law. Though it has the essential elements found in other websites listed above, the only aspect that makes it different is the simple navigation. The designers have cleverly designed the page that way to attract more people and give them a simple solution for the troublesome problems.

The CTAs are carefully placed so that the customers seeking help can leave their messages for the concerned person dealing with their case. The members of this organization have good experience in their respective fields, and this experience and good hold on the subject makes them popular.

For the navigations, there are three types of navigations present on this website. They consist of cues that say commercialize, respond, and protect. These cues offer different services and have everything that a client would want. The website’s arrangement and design reduce unnecessary traffic that slows down the page by mentioning everything that this organization offers and what type of service they provide. With the dynamic and easy-to-use navigation, the customers can effectively browse through the entire site.

Lash & Goldberg LLP

Lash Goldberg Miami Litigation Attorneys

Lash & Goldberg LLP is a premier law firm that deals with business litigations that many individuals are victims to. So, if you want ideas to design your website on the same topic or any other Legal subject, you can always use this website’s elements and features.

Their website’s design is quite simple, and not many elements have been incorporated into it, which may make the page crowded and unappealing. The message that these members of this legal organization with good experience and knowledge on this subject are trying to convey is loud and clear on the page. Those who find conveying their message difficult can always take help from this website and emphasize the arrangement of different elements to get the desired results.

Since most of the customers visiting this page would be professionals and business people, they know their expectations and what they would like to see. The schedule is a vital component of any entrepreneur or any other professional person, and hence, they have optimized their page to meet such customers’ needs.

You can schedule your meetings with the concerned person on this website, which is an excellent feature and should be employed in the other websites too.

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