Jimdo Review 2022: How Adequate is This Website Builder?

Jimdo, the website builder, is regarded as a user-friendly, ad-free website builder. Jimdo is a fantastic alternative to Squarespace and Wix, as it does not require any coding knowledge, and you can use a limited budget.

There’re benefits and drawbacks to every platform available. We brought together all our expertise to test and evaluate this platform and determine exactly how good it is.

On this page, we will check out a few of the primary features and ease of use that Jimdo provides to enable you to develop your online presence. Also, in the following paragraphs, we will check out the brand new ADI product that Jimbo provides to its users: “Jimdo Dolphin” and what they think about it.

We ought to jump right in.

What Are the Pros and cons of Using Jimdo?

When looking for a site builder, you can search for a range of features, for example, price, functionality, and convenience. Then you can evaluate for the most reasonably priced solution.

Whether you’re creating an individual site or even a site for your company, you have to consider how you build your site. Here are some pros and cons of using Jimdo.


  • Easy to use and simple to work with.
  • Individuals who are not confident in constructing their site will love this, because the ADI functionality does it for you.
  • It’s also time-effective.
  • Its easy editing interface makes it perfect for users on a time stretch.
  • Having limitless features, you can not go wrong.
  • Unlimited storage space on its business plan or beyond.
  • Optimizes using its dedicated editor view for all mobile devices.


  • There is no creative control
  • When compared to its competitors, it has limited customization tools.
  • Not the best option for SEO, more limited then it’s competotors (e.g., no alt tags).
  • Probably not so suitable for the US market.
  • The platform is European focused, centered on European tax codes and shipping.
  • Slow assistance and support are provided – limited support and help (1-2 business day waiting time) provided to non-premium plans.

Who is Jimdo Best For?

Jimdo provides an all-in-one solution for creating your site from scratch. It’s more efficient than purchasing individual domains, hosting, and software packages as the site will handle everything itself.

The key to this is that control and convenience typically have a tradeoff. Jimdo can provide you with something whether you want to develop your blog or wish to get a business online. Each item you need is there. This’s okay for individuals who want something simple, but not for those who need something more customized, such as a unique site.

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In the following paragraphs, we will show you how Jimdo works and how it could help you.

Jimdo for personal blogging

  • Jimdo is excellent for helping you create a blog. Use the ADI platform provided by Jimdo to get an internet presence up and running rapidly.
  • Jimdo enables you to organize your blog posts into categories which helps with navigation of users.
  • When compared to its competitors, Jimdo has limited Seo tools. The reality that you cannot include alt tags is among probably the most significant issues with this.

Jimdo for small businesses

Jimdo makes it simple to get a web presence for your small business. With a couple of work hours, you can quickly have a professional-looking site up and running.

We will be looking at several additional features and plenty of third-party apps. They can assist you in developing effective email marketing campaigns to advanced analytics.

Big businesses will most likely prefer Wix, without a doubt. The site is distinctive to your brand, with more than 800 design templates, and you can use this to make your brand identity shine.

Jimdo for ecommerce

Jimdo offers all the essential tools to enable you to get your web store all set up quickly. The service provider gives you a professional domain name, the ability to add product galleries, and accept payments from any country with PayPal or Visa.

Among the essential features of Jimdo is its no-commission policy on online transactions. You get to keep 100% of your earnings from the product sales you generate since the platform does not charge any fees.

We’d suggest Jimdo more for marketing than selling products and services. It can make it perfect for displaying your cafe’s menu items, location, and opening times through categories and product galleries.

You should choose a better eCommerce platform, like Shopify or BigCommerce, if your business is a retail company and you are selling clothing online.

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Jimdo for portfolio

Every designer must have a solid online portfolio. If you wish to produce a unique site and showcase your personality, do the following steps to enable you to achieve this.

If you’re a designer or creative, you need to get an experienced web presence nowadays. A contemporary, polished portfolio with a great site design is all you need for a business card, resume, and project portfolio.

If you wish to showcase your voice and work, then you have to get a portfolio site that looks professional and clear while simultaneously displaying your skills. Create a strong online presence with the appropriate tools, going beyond technological limitations and artistic compromises.

Although Jimdo is ideal for creating gorgeous galleries and displaying images, you have to realize that s the templates aren’t created for artists.

Squarespace is a place where designers and photographers can find beautiful templates tailored to their needs. Squarespace is a fantastic place to develop your online portfolio, with templates ideal for most requirements.

Creating Your Website: What Is Jimdo Dolphin?

I’m certain you’ve heard about the name ‘Jimdo Dolphin’, which is referred to as Artificial Design Intelligence or ADI for short. A site is produced for you by Dolphin utilizing ADI, based on how you answer several questions. Your design process will then become more streamlined and customized to your requirements.

This makes Jimdo ideal for individuals who wish to make a web presence but have limited computer skills and a small amount of time to spare.

How Does Jimdo Work?

You’ll be asked several questions by Jimdo when you initially register.

  • For whom are you creating a website?
  • For what purpose is the site? For an individual undertaking, an event, or a recognized business?
  • What exactly is the objective of your site? To market content, etc.
  • What category does the site fall into? For example- Fashion or PR
  • Which style would you like and which color?
  • What exactly are the web pages that you wish to add?

After responding to these questions, Jimdo will better understand your business and online requirements and design your ideal site.

However, you can also modify and delete individual content blocks as you go along. This is exactly how you can make your website more unique if you want to keep personalizing it after Jimdo has created the first version.

This’s also a terrific way to pull things from social media and other websites to your new website. Nevertheless, there’re limitations with what you can do with the platform when it comes to editing.

How Easy Is Jimdo to Use?

AI site builders are pretty easy to use and will supply you with a site in just a few minutes. They eliminate the drag and drop interface, which significantly reduces the time to create a site.

You could have a beautiful site built in only a few clicks with Jimdo. Just answer a handful of questions and select your ideal style and colors. You can include more text, images, or several grid slideshows by selecting add block.

However, to test Jimdo’s capabilities, we compared it with some other website builders available on the market.

This was analyzed by having people use Jimdo to develop a site and we collect feedback. Some users believed they had some creative freedom, but it was just at a starter level.

Our research indicates that Jimdo’s ADI platform is much more helpful than hard to stick to for users and retains the fun of editing while doing a great deal for you at first. The ADI tool is much more organized and simplifies also eliminates a great deal of the creative work associated with developing a site.

Although the editor is a bit confusing to use, you can still add your very own personal touches to your website by including elements and blocks. That is exactly why Jimdo got a 3.4 rating for ease of use during our research. It’s still way behind competitors such as Squarespace, Godaddy, and Wix, with far higher scores.

Jimdo Pricing – Is It Good Value for Money?

The cost of Jimdo plans varies considerably by region. The platform presently offers 2 paid plans in the US:

  • Start Plan: 9 USD a month.
  • Grow Plan: 15 USD a month

Before getting started with the site builder, you need to look at the free plan provided by Jimdo- Play. It is possible to easily and quickly develop a basic site using among the basic design templates available. For everything else, we recommend you purchase a premium plan.

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The Play plan additionally includes Jimdo advertising and marketing within the footer of your site and a not-so-slick Jimdo subdomain. When you initially would like to test out the platform, you are likely to discover that the free plan is a great way to do so, but not if you would like to have a professional site that showcases your work.

The free program is a great deal more restricted in terms of support and helpful features than the premium plans offered by Jimdo. This’s something worth looking at. When you submit a help request, you can expect to hear back again within two to three days, which isn’t ideal if you fix a quick issue.

You essentially get what you pay for, or in this instance, what you do not pay!

Jimdo provides 2 premium plans, which we believe can give you the most benefit possible from your site-building.

In case you choose to buy the Start plan from Jimdo for USD 9 / month, you receive all of the Play plan features plus:

  • A domain name that is free of charge.
  • A website that is ad-free.
  • You can have as many as 10 website pages.
  • Access the image library.
  • Support is usually provided within 1-2 business days. Customer support is usually great.
  • Developing Advanced Seo Tools.
  • Optimization for mobile devices.

Compared with the other providers, Jimdo offers affordable premium plans at a reasonable cost. People who choose to go with Squarespace can begin with a free 14-day trial for their pro plan that costs $12 monthly.

At just USD 15 monthly, Jimdo’s Grow business plan is among the best-selling plans currently available.

Not bad! You get access to the functions of the Start plan plus social marketing for getting customers on platforms like Facebook Pixel.

Before you decide to proceed with putting your site live, we suggest you updating to the Jimdo premium plans, which will give you much more space to grow your website.

Jimdo Tools and Features

Your site will be more powerful with the aid of Jimdo, with all kinds of apps and features to allow it to be better.

We were pleased with the site builder that Jimdo provides, as it enables you to easily add banners, slideshows, and sliders personalize the design as needed.

You can create a page format using the free editor and add block elements as you make it. To provide you with total creative control over your design, Jimdo enables you to use various banners and slideshows column layouts.

Upgrade your business plan to Grow and get a custom domain name, Seo tools, social marketing, and personalized support within 4 hours.

You can search for a plugin or a feature that you do not see straight from a company called POWr Plugins. They partner with Jimdo to enable you to use their plugins on your website.

The absence of an import tool is a small irritation for many Jimdo customers since most of their customers are starting their own site construction from scratch. Jimdo is for novices to intermediate site builders.

Nevertheless, you might not have some export tools, which tends to make the issue worse since you might have to export your content from Jimdo to another site, where you might have to import all the product data.

This becomes particularly relevant for individuals trying to migrate their entire inventory to some other platform after accumulating a lot of products.


If you choose to buy one of Jimdo’s premium plans, they will provide you with a free custom domain for one year.

Jimdo provides no-cost subdomains, but they include a tacky “jimdofree.com” address, which is barely professional.

With regards to improving your web presence, a custom domain is going to be well worth considering. It appears great, and it can help develop trust with individuals that know your brand well.

If you currently have a customized domain, it is also easy to transfer the domain over. Within the Jimdo editor, you just need the authorization code or auth code from your previous domain host.

If you get caught in the transfer procedure, Jimdo provides a complete breakdown of how you can transfer a domain name. It may take as much as 3 days to transfer the domain name.

The highest price we could discover for a custom domain with Jimdo is $80 annually.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you have a lovely site, make sure you build it so people can find it.

SEO is crucial in this instance for getting your site listed on the leading search engines.

Start and Grow Premium plans provide you with access to every one of the resources required to enhance your website for maximum exposure.

Jimdo can fill in all the gaps for your SEO efforts, from meta titles and descriptions to the image alt text. By taking care of these small details, you can focus more on the creative part of the building process, which makes the difference.

If you’re a small company trying to boost your organic visitors, Jimdo is a great solution.

Additionally, third-party apps will help your website rank better and you will receive personalized instructions to enhance your website.

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Help and Support

Jimdo offers a knowledge base, FAQs, email, and social media support.

Additionally, Jimdo doesn’t offer telephone or live chat support. You can not make use of the site restore option. However, the answers you receive will be brief, clear, and to the point. Its knowledge base is particularly useful since it includes a mix of text, photos, and videos to solve your issues.

You will discover the Help area at the top of the editor in the right-hand corner. It shows answers to commonly asked questions. If you’re not feeling like writing a long text to the support, this’s a terrific way to save time.

When you click on one of the FAQs, you’ll be provided with a step-by-step breakdown of how to resolve your issue, written in a clear way. You will also get instructions on how to locate the supplies required to resolve the issue.

For those who have a site issue and would like a quick fix, this support is most likely best for you.
Regrettably, the articles are restricted to the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) and so in case you have an intricate issue, you need to contact Jimdo via the contact form.

You may also submit a message with Jimdo and attach any details and get a reply within 4 hours (and one hour if you select premium plans). This’s additionally a pity to see Jimdo cut off support for no-cost customers.

Jimdo Summary

Jimdo is a site builder that is simple to use and clean.

This builder has numerous great apps and features and is perfect for personal or small business sites.
You can get a good deal of pricing choices with Jimdo – $9 or $15 monthly.

Bigger businesses or individuals who require a stronger internet presence might find Shopify more appropriate. Squarespace is a much better place to reside for creative industries.

Jimdo is an excellent illustration of an out-of-the-box site.

The company states its philosophy is to create sites easier for individuals who wish to share their interests online.

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