HostArmada – A Comprehensive Review

Choosing a web hosting service can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for. Many factors go into the decision of which hosting is best suited for you. It is important to understand what features you need most in your plan. Do you want to be able to run multiple websites? Does the hosting service offer daily backups? How about free SSL certificates? These are some of the many things that you should consider when searching for a new hosting provider.

If these questions sound daunting, we’re here to help. Today we will be reviewing HostArmada and its plans to determine if they are worthy of the hype.

To judge HostArmada fairly, we considered a variety of different parameters for this review. We assessed their hosting plans on four different aspects: uptime, server speed, customer support, and pricing. We also utilized HostArmada’s features to see how they compete with other web hosts. In this case, our main focus was on the features available for their lower-tier plans, as these tend to be the most considered for a new user.

A Comprehensive HostArmada Review

HostArmada Web Hosting

HostArmada is a relatively new player in the hosting industry. They were founded in 2019 and have made quite a name for themselves in that short time frame.

Hosting Prices

HostArmada Web Hosting pricing

HostArmada offers hosting solutions for a variety of different needs. They have several different packages for cloud-based Managed SSD hosting (shared or VPS), built with features for e-commerce, WordPress, opensource apps or enhanced with tools for web developers. HostArmada also offers dedicated CPU servers and domain name services. In each option, all of your current needs could be met by choosing from at least three pricing plans.
This is not too different from other major players. However, they tend to be very competitive with their offers than comparable web hosts.

Shared Hosting

The shared hosting plans are a good option for those who are just starting with their first website or blog:

Their lowest-tier plan (Start Dock) offers 15 GB of cloud SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, 2 cores CPU, 2 GB RAM, free domain, and free SSL for only $3.99 per month. This is a meager cost for such a robust plan, and their other plans don’t increase too dramatically in price with the added features.

Their mid-tier plan (Web Wrap) offers 30 GB of cloud SSD space, unmetered bandwidth, 4 cores CPU, 4GB RAM, free domain, free SSL, and more for $4.69 per month.
The Start Dock and Web Wrtap hosting plans are NGINX-based and perfect for personal or small business hosting. We can recommend them for your started needs because they offer everything that one would need to get going, all at a seriously valuable price point.

Their highest-tier plan (Speed Reaper) offers 40 GB of cloud SSD space, unmetered bandwidth, 6 cores CPU, 6GB RAM, free domain, free SSL, and more for $5.66 per month. This price tier is also extremely competitive for the features you get. This plan is LigtSpeed powered. This is a key benefit for all of your high-traffic needs. Another great thing about this plan is that you can run unlimited sites on the same account, making it a lot more scalable than other hosting solutions.

However, we need to mention that these prices are promotional for first-time users, and the regular price at renewal will be a bit higher.

VPS Hosting

The next level of hosting, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), provides users with more control and flexibility than shared hosting plans. They are four VPS hosting plans with a set of different features:

  • Web Shuttle
  • Web Voyager
  • Web Raider
  • Site Carrier

As low as these prices may seem, HostArmada is undoubtedly giving its users more value for their money compared to other hosting services.

You can easily upscale or downscale your project, depending on your current needs.

Dedicated CPU Server Hosting

HostArmada offers dedicated CPU servers. The plans’ features are based on their VPS hosting, but you get a more powerful CPU and scalability for superior performance for growing sites with lots of traffic.


Since HostArmada specializes in cloud hosting, they offer certain features available only on cloud-based hosting solutions. This means that the customers’ data and resources are located on different servers rather than a single server. Storing a website in more than one location drastically increase its security and performance.

SSD storage further improves the site speed and functionality. In the case of a hardware malfunction, they are automatic backups that vary depending on the hosting plan.

All HostArmada hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate. Free domain is included with all web hosting plans or free transfer of existing domains.

You can have an unlimited number of websites with the HostArmada shared hosting plans. Depending on the hosting plan, the SSD storage space is between 15 and 40 GB.

All HostArmada hosting plans provide unlimited databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, and support for various PHP versions.

HostArmada uses cPanel as their control panel, which is very easy to use. cPanel is a great tool for people who do not have much time and technical knowledge and want to manage their hosting account independently.

They also provide optimum plans for the most popular open-source web applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, PrestaShop, WordPress, Ghost, and Laravel.

HostArmada also offers an easy-to-use drag and drop builder for creating a website in minutes. With the various ready themes, you can masterfully display your products, services, and brand with just a few clicks.

Server Speed & Uptime

Regarding web hosting speed and uptime issues, you want to ensure your website is always available for your visitors. You also need to know that it will load in a reasonable time.

Slower sites can increase your bounce rate and decrease your traffic. That is why we were delighted to see that HostArmada has such a great uptime (99.92%) and swift load times. All their hosting plans are either LigtSpeed or NGINX-powered web servers, which means that loading speed is as fast as possible.

Server locations

HostArmada Server Locations

In addition to their great web hosting services, HostArmada also provides users from all over the world with VPS servers on 4 continents. Having your website hosted on a server closest to your visitors will provide you with better performance and faster load times.

List of HostArmada Datacenters:

  • Fremont, CA, USA
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • Newark, NJ, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • London, UK
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Mumbai, India – Check our list for the Top 10 Web Hosting Providers in India
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Sydney, Australia


Security is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a web hosting plan. HostArmada cares about its customers’ security by using AI machine learning. This system inspects all files uploaded in real-time and frequently updates itself.

HostArmada offers free SSL certificates, which is great news for sites that have e-commerce functionalities. You can work on your SEO efforts with an SSL certificate because Google prioritizes HTTPS websites.

In addition, with all web hosting plans, free malware scanning is included. This service helps to find harmful scripts in your website files and protects it against malicious attacks or viruses. All plans include protection against DDoS attacks.

When it comes to the firewall, HostArmada uses a Web Application Firewall plus additional protection measurements like Requests Checking service, Connection Level Limits, Live Monitoring, and many more.

Customer Support

Trust in the technical support provided is paramount when you are deciding about reliable hosting for your website.

HostArmada’s customer support is another thing worth mentioning. The support team provides feedback 24/7/365 through phone, live chat, and ticketing. When facing a small issue, contacting support through live chat or phone is optimal. You can use direct customer support and the ticketing system for more complicated and bigger problems.

They have some of the most helpful representatives that we have seen from a web hosting company. They are knowledgeable, always ready to help, and they really go the extra mile to resolve issues quickly. Most of the general inquiries are resolved in no time.

There are also many useful tutorials and detailed knowledge bases available on HostArmada’s website to assist with solving any issues yourself.

Pros & Cons

Here is a summary of the main pros and cons about HostArmada as your hosting solution:


  • They reduce website loading times by keeping the number of clients per server low.
  • HostArmada is pretty affordable compared to other hosting providers.
  • Their customer support team!
  • You get 1 click installation for WordPress plugins and applications.
  • Good security level thanks to the use of AI machine learning systems.
  • The free drag and drop website builder that is included can help you build a professional-looking site in no time.
  • LightSpeed or NGINX powers all web servers; this means speed and fast loading times for your website.
  • A free SSL certificate with all hosting plans.
  • A free website migration service is included (up to a maximum of five sites).
  • HostArmada offers its clients a free malware scanning service to protect them from hackers and malicious software.
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee is an excellent benefit to have.
  • SSD storage with any hosting plan.
  • cPanel – the most popular and feature-laden hosting control panel in the world.
  • Their cloud hosting plans are flexible and customizable, depending on your specific needs.
  • Free daily backups


  • There are no options to pay monthly for any of the hosting plans. These days, it’s typical for customers to search for monthly payments to evaluate and test a hosting company. For many, a long-term commitment is a no-go.
    However, HostArmada backs you up with a 45-days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a complete refund.
  • Even the starting prices for all hosting plans are pretty affordable for what you get; the renewal prices are higher. We should mention that this happens with most of the hosting providers.
    Yet, after all, HostArmada is worth it for the money you pay.
  • You can get the LightSpeed web server only with the highest HostArmada hosting plans.
    However, the LightSpeed web server is known for its improved speed and great site performance capabilities, and when you really need it, the cost will prove valuable.

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If you’re looking for a reliable hosting provider that offers an affordable price, excellent customer support, and top-of-the-line features, then HostArmada is worth checking out.

They have a wide range of hosting plans to fit your requirements, and they always keep improving.

They are almost no complaints about the high quality of their services, and that is because the HostArmada customer support team does an outstanding job at resolving any issue 24/7.

If you don’t mind committing to several years of service, then this hosting provider might be what you’re looking for.

If all of this sounds like it might be too good to be true – don’t worry! We checked them out ourselves before recommending them as a reputable web host. The bottom line: if you want amazing service at an unbeatable value, give HostArmada a shot. We’re confident you’ll be impressed!

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