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Hawk Host Introduction

The original web hosting provider name of Hawk Host, Devoted Host, started functioning in 2004. Following the death of a company founder, it had been rebranded; it then took up the title Hawk Host, last updated in 2008. This suggests that Hawk Host has gained almost years of work experience in the web hosting plans industry.

Six months after the quite current rebranding of the company descriptions, it became a Canadian firm with the surviving founders’ member as its CEO. Despite its complicated past, Hawk Host hosting company is a reasonably traditional supplier. Shared web new hosting tends to be the central objective of its service catalog. It also provides, on the side, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated, and VPS hosting.

Hawk Host Web Hosting

Hawk Host Plans

For customers to select from, Hawk Host has 4 shared hosting packages. Each package is calculated on a payment policy, with payment choices that are monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly, or yearly.

  • Shared hosting plans run from 3,000 MB disc space and 45 GB of monthly unlimited bandwidth (Basic Plan) to 24,000 MB of disc space and 360 GB of monthly bandwidth (Super). All shared hosting plans enable email accounts, domains, and MySQL databases to be unlimited, and all can be managed with Cloud Linux or LiteSpeed.

HawkHost Shared Web Hosting Plans

  • In a similar manner to the shared hosting plans, Hawk Host’s Reseller hosting plans are organized. There are four hosting options, beginning with 10 GB + of disc space, 300 GB of per month bandwidth, and up to 50 accounts on the control panel, increasing up to 60 GB of disc space, 1,200 GB of per month bandwidth, and up to 200 accounts on the control panel.
  • Again there remain 4 half-dedicated hosting plans for customers who want more capacity without the cost of servers. Plans start with 20,000 MB of disc space and 350 GB of monthly bandwidth and scale up to 50,000 MB of disc space and 1,200 GB of per month bandwidth.
  • Entry Stage PLAN – Hawk Host’s entry-level plan provides 10,000 MB of storage capacity, while its premium package gives you unlimited disc capacity. If you’re involved in showing a lot of high-resolution product photos or video clips that highlight key aspects of your products, you can ease, knowing that you’ll have the storage you want for your files. As you can see, the only purpose you’d go to the higher level is if you’re in search of limitless disk space. This can be convenient for places with large traffic volumes or with a lot of media engagement.
  • 4 VPS hosting arrangements are in place at Hawk Host. The Basic Package offers 10 GB of disc space and 250 GB of per month bandwidth. Customers are promised 384 MB of RAM, up to 768 MB of RAM. CPU power is distributed evenly between all VPS accounts on the host server. Plans expand up to the Mega Plan, which offers 40 GB of disc space, 550 GB of bandwidth, and 2048 MB of RAM, burstable up to 3048 MB. There are three big plans under the VPS hosting package. There are the following packages:
  • Simple – The annual fee is $18. It arrives with 1024 MB of memory, unlimited SSD-powered disc memory, 1500 GB of bandwidth, and 30 GB of capacity.
  • Advanced – Beginning at $36 per month. It arrives with a fair share of CPU, 2000 GB of bandwidth, fuelled by SSD, 40 GB of storage, and 2048 MB of space.
  • Super – The charge begins at $58.50 a month and arrives with an equal portion of CPU capacity. It also provides 3000 GB of bandwidth, 4096 MB of memory, 50 GB of space and is driven by SSD.
  • In addition to these arrangements, Hawk Host also provides an affiliate program that its consumers can utilize to produce revenue.


There is also an affiliate program that Hawk Host customers may use to receive referral payments.

Hawk Host Uptime Guarantee

To restore its shared and reseller hosting plans, Hawk Host offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The uptime guarantee is described in the SLA given to Hawk Host customers. It compensates clients if server uptime falls below the 99.9% uptime guarantee mark in any specified spending month. If uptime falls under 99 percent, the money charged out begins at 10 percent of the monthly fee and rises to 100 percent.

Hawk Host uses six data centers worldwide. 4 data centers are widely scattered throughout the United States, 1 data center is in Singapore, and the final one is in Amsterdam. Tier 1 and 2 transit services are used by each data center and feature Cisco and Juniper network hardware. To guarantee that the data center’s authority is retained, UPS devices and diesel restore power stations are in position.

Hawk Host Speed

No matter how often you invest in hosting, your site will struggle if your host utilizes obsolete hardware and software and imposes too many restrictions on the server or web host many clients on a single shared server. It’s mainly going to suffer from loading speeds, which is very important for your company. If your site doesn’t load fast, the user can go away and revisit another place to go. Simple as that, man. Luckily, Hawk Host has a decent loading pace.

Hawk Host Control Panel

For most website management purposes, a well-recognized cPanel is provided. If they want, customers can also pick multiple languages skin for cPanel. Seasoned hosting clients will be acquainted with cPanel and its corresponding tool, WHM.VPS customers can feel relaxed with a personalized control panel, although you will charge money for cPanel, which is a lovely addition. Anyhow, the custom panel seems to be reasonably well built and will meet most VPS users’ desires at a fundamental level.

Hawk Host Cloud web hosting fare Fast Integration

Each strategy is configured and ready to operate on the Cloud hosting Flare web distribution network. This interface means that you do not have any installation issues and that the Hawk Host control panel can simply enable the CDN. You can begin to see a speed increase on all of your pages after that. Hawk Host utilizes system automation technologies that can address common issues that arise. They also stress their available 24 7 365 support team of human surveillance of their systems.

Hawk Host Email Accounts Unlimited

At no extra cost, transactions of Hawk Host hosting plans include email features. You can build unlimited email accounts, established unlimited forwarding policies, and accept unlimited email messages. You can also view your mail anywhere using the web-based interface, and Hawk Host allows you to keep your inbox safe with its spam security products.

Hawk Host Free Domains

Hawk Host offers a search and purchasing tool for domain names, ensuring you can either move or locate a brand new domain name from a previously owned domain name. New domain names usually pay around $10 a year, but you might end up costing hundreds of dollars if the domain name is already registered. In this case, before you locate one that is fairly costly, it is normally suggested to continue looking for appropriate domains.

After purchasing the main domain, you can establish an infinite number of add-on domains, parked domains, and subdomains. Domain redirects are also provided, making it simpler to submit individuals to the correct address.

Hawk Host Security

Protection is also an aspect of assistance. That’s why Hawk Host has everything from DDoS security to disk space device security to external firewall applications. It also has Regular R1Soft restores, holding you at ease just if your site falls or removes any of its data. In short, you’ll get an automatic, seven rolling snapshot of your web. You will even receive Spam Experts, which prohibits spam from entering email inboxes you build with Hawk Host.

Hawk Host Website builder

Hawk Host is supplying Weebly site builders with all their plans. This is a reliable, easy-to-use site builder that everyone can use to develop a website. This website developer works with new applications sponsored by e-commerce. You can then use the Weebly website developer to construct a safe e-commerce store without any hard work.

Hawk Host Website Migration Free

Every Hawk Host hosting package has free migration aid. So if you have a website to move to another host, it must not be a matter of concern.

Hawk Host Additional Features

Hawk Host is providing the following extras: Softaculous and Fantastico one-click installers. They’re also coming up with a seven-day return in their price. They also sell Cube Cart, Zen Cart, and OS Commerce applications to all customers who want to do their affiliate marketing on their site.

You can also get the following main features in each of their shared hosting plans.

  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Average of 10000 MB to infinite disk space
  • Unlimited server
  • Light speed web servers
  • Unrestricted Domains
  • A Me cached Free Server
  • Unlimited SSD Speed Storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth

Hawk Host Customer Support

Hawk Host notes that its servers can automatically patch themselves if any issues occur. However, despite this scale of automation, one-click support is offered in the form of a ticketing system that is accessible at all hours. There is even a phone fax.

Hawk Host has a blog, an information base, and an update, news, and warning status page. Customers may also connect and obtain advice via a website. There are functional Google+, and social media Facebook accounts for Hawk Host, but all help inquiries are redirected back to the ticketing system. There are 2 Twitter pages, one where customers can communicate with Hawk Host and the other where they tweet live server updates.


Their rates are very inexpensive, and their pricing model appears to be very efficient in the case of Virtual Private Servers, for example. Shared hosting plans are fair and not too costly, but they are never the finest on the market. Semi-dedicated servers and reseller plans are also priced open to the public.

Shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, and reseller plan all start with 30-day cash back guarantee (unless the customer breaches the terms and conditions). Hawk Host performs reasonably well with other web hosting expert firms in this price band.

The hosting options and packages provide a simple progression, from customers beginning and expanding their company to a move up to VPS and semi-dedicated hosting plans. It may miss a selling point for the killer, but it still appears to be a solid option.

Pros of Hawk Host Cloud Hosting

Help aid – Customer service is available 24/7/365 with the assistance forum and the support desk. The support reacts immediately, and the aid officers can answer your queries promptly. You can also email assistance, but they’re based on getting you to the support forum or the help counter.

SSD Servers-They are much quicker than HDD servers, and not every company provides these services.

Quick Service-The efficiency of Hawk Host is great and offers its users a pleasant experience. It provides good value for the entry kit.

Simple to Navigate Website– The Hawk Host site is simple to access, and you can quickly use the cPanel to set up your site. There are various choices for apps like Joomla and WordPress that are convenient to learn and use.

99.9% Uptime –  HawkHost aims to maintain sites hosted on their servers up to 100% of the time. Still, they guarantee 99.9% uptime and have systems in place to address certain small and popular problems, while many hosts also have to have technicians resolve those faults, which ensures that other hosts may have further downtime than Hawk Host.

User-friendly cPanel – Hawk Host has a customer interface that is easy to work around. You can also utilize their cPanel to conveniently build up your site. They also have various app choices that are consistent with software like Joomla and WordPress.

Many data centers – Hawk Host has six server centers in various regions of the globe. They have four data centers in multiple places in the US, one operating system in Singapore, and one database in Amsterdam.

Multilingual cPanel – Their control panel arrives with a range of languages, offering the consumer a choice to pick the dialect of your choice.

So many web hosting options – Hawk Host has a reasonable choice for mid-level clients, such as semi-dedicated servers.

Cons of Hawk host

Pricing-Prices are a bit on the high end if you choose to spend for a month. Other good hosts enable you to charge much lower prices and do not ask you to pay huge amounts in advance to get a nice amount on your web hosting order plan.

No Live Chat – While their customer service is attentive and supportive, there is no live chat that is typically one of the best ways to get hold of customer support without making to wait for a response.

It Sells Your Information – As per many Host Hawk customers, they’re selling your data, and you’re starting to receive a lot of unrequested phone numbers.

DreamHost Vs. Bluehost Vs. Hawk Host

Comparative analysis of suppliers of hosting services. DreamHost Vs. Bluehost Vs. Hawk Host: Which host is the better option?

If your main choice is to host a website or a small company DreamHost is very inexpensive, and it’s easy. It’s also perfect for forum operators since their databases can handle large traffic volumes.

If you are creating a WordPress website, then Bluehost is the better choice because it is the main web hosting company suggested on the official WordPress website.

If you’re searching for web hosting companies, then Hawk Host is a better choice for you. It’s also a perfect choice for a company that hosts client websites and needs to offer a decent discount.

As it was stated earlier, it all falls down to your wants. Pay attention to your website requirements and then select the best plan to use each of the three web hosting services we’ve spoken about in this post. Check the pace, uptime, and customer service of the server.

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Can Hawk Host make it possible for you to select Windows hosting?

All web hosts are running on Cloud Linux. A few proposals, like VPS, enable customers to choose particular Linux allocations, such as CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

What control center can the consumer use to handle their websites?

The business utilizes cPanel for shared hosting. This is also accurate of its shared and semi-dedicated hosting. Its reseller proposals also entail the WHM for the management of their websites.

Is Hawk Host providing a dedicated web host?

The business does not give its clients dedicated servers. It really, however, gives a semi-dedicated package that is comparable to VPS but enables users to possess two dedicated CPUs with limitless bandwidth and disc space.

What are the Hawk Host transaction concepts?

You can pay yearly, annually, or every 24 months when you purchase your hosting. If you’re willing to spend upfront for at least a year, you could get a cashback. There are many payment method options, such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Alipay.

Can I get my cashback if I don’t want the services further?

Yes, yes. Hawk Host offers a 30-day cash back assurance, but just for host packages. All other facilities, like domain registration and SSL certificate, are not qualified for refunds.

How is Hawk Host using my personal information? 

Hawk Host will take data like your name and credit card details. The corporation will utilize the data to validate payouts, give support, create special arrangements, and improve services. Private details shall not be made available to any person other than organizations such as government agencies or those who obtain a business.

How many levels of access does one have with the semi-dedicated package?

Hawk Host’s semi-dedicated package provides you can fully customize your digital servers as long as you have total access to the device.

Are the semi-dedicated plans being fully controlled?

No, these initiatives are semi-managed by staff who are excellent in numerous Linux distributions and offer all the way customer care survives.

Honest Expert Opinion

Hawk Host stresses openness and connectivity: data on important issues is shared through its Twitter account and other customer support platforms.

They also boast automation software that immediately repairs general web hosting errors. At the same time, they stress the importance of available 24/7 human control of all their processes.

This choice will ultimately rely on your company, your desires, and your expenditure. But generally, it will be an acceptable option if you have a small to medium enterprise, need minimal web hosting costs, or need an inexpensive VPS.

However, businesses that need dedicated servers, phone service, or anticipate high traffic volumes must look otherwise.

Although your circumstances can vary, the principles set out above should help to guide you towards the correct call. And as always, best of luck with your upcoming web development project!

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