Ultimate List of Blogging Statistics and Facts – 2022

Have you ever heard of blogging? Most content marketers prefer blogging as a solution to their marketing strategy. The blogging stats may start as a small thing but eventually has grown-up as a large-scale marketing strategy. Starting a blog may be the first decision that you decide on when you start digital marketing.

The statistics on blogging are a colossal way to show you an insight into the world of blogging. Each year many bloggers come around from all over the world and are asked to give reviews about their blog content. Business blogging is one of the easiest ways to attract traffic to yourself.

The questions you might ask are, How to write a blog post? How many bloggers will I be competing against based on my genre? What should be the length of my blog post?

These questions can be answered with bloggers statistics that gets collected every year. A giant chart is being made, and then the data and statistics are being compared. Content creation is the main reason that will pull the website traffic. Years ago, people doubted the power of blogging yet, here we are!

If you are a passionate blogger or someone seeking to be a blogger, then the blog readership statistics will help you gain more traffic and overcome the small faults you might be making!

Top Blog reader statistics To Know In 2022

For every content marketing, content marketers need a lead generation to help them boost their business blog. Marketing efforts are put by every single blogger out there. However, who can create quality content and even unique will pull the most internet users, read blogs. That is the content strategy that you need to pull out!

What is the number of blogs that you are competing against?

Blog readers statistics have proved that each year more than 1.5 billion websites are live. Can you even imagine the rat race that you have put yourself into? Each blog post needs to be something unique that can bring out strong results.

WordPress comes across 78 million blog posts every year, and that is not the only site. If we make around off all the blogging statistics, then approximately more than 2 billion blog content is being written and posted.

How to use:

Imagine yourself as Leonardo da Vinci. Now ask yourself, what do I need, to make myself stand out among the huge crowd of b2b marketers? The answer is creativity! You have to create such content and blog articles that need to be unique from every other blogger. Bloggers can go to extreme lengths to get all the traffic towards them. Remember, the key is to create a masterpiece like MonaLisa.

Look for the recent trends and topics that can interest people. You have to understand your audience and serve them exactly what they want on their plate. Make sure that you infuse your content with a lot of colors and also keep your blog up-to-date.

Research shows that 1 out of every 10 blogger gets strong results

Blogging is not easy, and once you have entered its world, you have to understand the marketing strategy. You cannot do something similar to other bloggers because it won’t do any good for you.

A person reading your blog has to be interested and inquisitive. People do not go around on the internet to look for the same thing mentioned already. They search for something new, which you will have to provide with your content creation.

How to use:

Most blog stats prove that only a small blogger population makes unique content and gets the internet users swarmed to it like bees. Out of 10, only one blogger writes posts that have a word count of more than 2000 and take influencers’ help to promote their blogs.

This is something that is done by an average blog post as they even use multiple editors. However, one blogger out of every five bloggers makes sure to give a creative view by posting visual content, writes articles that might take more than six hours, and post up their content more than one time in a week.

Blogging stats showed that bloggers who did this are more successful and tend to attract more readers and lead generation in their blog. The keywords for search engines make it more resourceful and easy to reach.

Length of the blog post

In case you did not know, one of the drawbacks that can put any reader off is the long length of the blog that can seem very uninteresting to read. According to blogging statistics and b2b marketer, at least 1269 words are written in an average blog post. However, the blog posts on content marketing went up by 57% and are increasing in recent years.

How to use:

Well, why bloggers write more completely depends on their sole reason. The bloggers with social media content can probably wrap it up in lesser words, but people who feel like sharing their own experience or elaborate write more on their blog.

Well, before online blogging, blogs were usually found in newspapers and other hand-written articles. Businesses that blog know the value of length per paragraph (40-55 characters) and blog post (1600 words) on different genres are looking for bloggers who can write some creative content that people are interested in reading.

If you plan on writing a blog for the first time, keep it to minimum and see how the traffic reacts. Engage with your readers and take their reviews for blogging statistics on what they want to read and drag in the whole crowd towards you.

The blog post length may increase because of the pictures, videos, and other paid ads or guest posts. However, bloggers say that if your content is unique and with 3000+ words, you can easily get strong results.

Social media sites also are another way to make your blog post get an effective result. The data point of every blog post length is a bit different for 2022 that you can surely check here!

How many times should you publish your blog posts per month?

Imagine scaring off your readers by writing 2000+ words post daily! We are not saying that it is not possible to keep the people around by doing the same.

However, the bloggers have a ubiquitous question: how many times should bloggers publish their content? According to the data set, you do not get much traffic just by writing a lot. Then how to take that bar high?

How to use:

The number of times you post your blog completely depends on the type of b2b companies you are working for. Most of the companies that publish on a small scale have found success in small ways.

Bloggers write a blog post for once within 3-4 weeks, and these small-scale businesses have seen rapid success. On the contrary, blogging statistics show that large-scale companies post daily and get the traffic they need from internet users.

In case you are doing the marketing all alone, then we advise you not to post daily or exhaust yourself with frequent posts. You can post one blog per week or maybe 6 -9 blog posts per month, and you will be good to go. It is useless in creating content for your viewers, which won’t help them anyway.

Rather, make a schedule and try building up the traffic through social media. Remember, email traffic is one of the best marketing strategies to get the attention of the readers. Even high-quality blogs that require a great amount of time to satiate their readers can bring traffic. Posting according to your reader’s views will benefit you more.

For example, if you are a new blogger, do not get disheartened that you cannot compete with the other blog posts. Often, when we refresh the google page based on any certain topic, the new page can outperform the older blogging site. Know your crowd, and post accordingly. You can even track your traffic by Jetpack.

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The quality of the content that you are writing.

What is the point of spending hours on content that you might not be satisfied with? Well, if your blogs are not high-quality, then you will hardly attract any traffic. Companies that post their blog posts have such high reach, so be aware that their content is worth reading.

The blog statistics about blogging are directly proportional to the quality of the content you will provide. The content marketing strategy shows that the blogging stats are usually higher for those who can develop creativity in their blog posts.

How to use:

Think of the ways that you can spice up your content and get strong results in return. Look at the older blogging statistics, which can help you in understanding the content marketing strategy. As stated by Growthbadger, quality content is one of the best practices for marketers when writing blogs.

There are many ways to make your content look more attractive. Apart from all kinds of formatting, editing, and visual kinds of stuff, you have to think of using something completely different.

Try adding research, interesting facts, and videos since 77 of internet users will always look up the same topic simultaneously. 43 of people admit, who are marketers, that posting videos on their blogs have been more useful than others. You can even add memes to your posts as it is one of the most grossing ways of understanding any particular topic. Attach gifs, puns, and even premium quality list-based headlines to attract traffic.

Bloggers say that b2b marketers who are into content marketing also made efforts to make their blog posts rank well on Google and take social media to increase their conversion rates. Blogs statistics can help you understand the search engines keyword tool, which will allow you to be on the top than other blog posts. You have to create a masterpiece like MonaLisa and be an expert like it is a game!

How does inbound marketing make a difference in blogging statistics?

Marketers say that blog posts always fall in the main realm of inbound marketing. The content of the blog posts is the main way to attract all the traffic to their website. Since leads also determine the sales for some of the company blog, inbound marketing helps bring new traffic. This content marketing strategy is highly useful for most b2b marketers.

How to use it:

B2B content marketers always reference blogging statistics, which has always led to 67 more leads for their blog posts. The blogs have to attract traffic, and you have to understand that to be on the top page is very limited.

For example, if there are 1000 pages for a search engine related to a topic, you must be in the first top 10. It is very similar to the rat race that one has to go through in their daily life! According to some stats:

  • You reach more people rather than traffic because the blog visits are unique by 80% every day.
  • Blogs that post daily get visits 5 times more than the usual ones.
  • A million blogs generate 13 times more ROI by prioritizing blogging.
  • Blogging can increase 434% more indexed pages of any website.
  • Most blogging traffic comes from the blog posts that were not posted during the same month.

The blogging statistics can even show you the increase in ROI for any content marketing. The blogging results are unlimited, and you can even reach the upper level using social media easily. Inbound marketing can make a huge difference and companies or businesses that blog also use the search engines to increase their investment.

Role of blogging in the buyer’s process for consumers

In case you did not know, marketers use blogging as the role of any buyer’s process. Most of the blog sites that are like, six out of ten b2b marketers, start their purchase journey based on the buyer’s process for consumers.

Marketers use blogging, and the blogging statistics for companies target the users by the buyer’s process. If you can use blogging, you can easily bring in more conversions for the companies.

How to use:

Data is critical for blogging. According to an article, 54% of the survey respondents are from household purchase decisions, and 45% of them are for the gifts they want to give. 25% of the purchase made by consumers are from blogging. The blogging statistics also make use of the guest posts to bring in the traffic for b2b marketers.

You have to understand what your customer or viewer wants. You can easily influence or convince them by the demo of the products and also the uses. Presenting your blog with videos, pictures, and step-by-step guidelines will help increase your blogging statistics.

Marketers say that most users decide to buy a product based on the content that a blogger writes. The b2b marketers use this content marketing strategy to pull in more traffic for their posts. The blogs can earn you more than any other site, and you can also take the help of social media to increase your blogging statistics.

Marketers say that most marketers use sponsorships, advertising, and other creative ideas that pave their way easily to reach higher traffic content. Blogs and guest posts are the keys to influence the buyer’s process. The more detailed your blogs are about a product, the blogging statistics go higher!

Promoting your content by blogging

From many hard-earned experiences, marketers have learned that one can increase their blogging statistics only by promoting their blogging content. You have to understand the basic tactics to promote your page and pull in the traffic.

Content marketing can be boosted up easily by promoting and advertising. If you want tips that can help you increase your blogging statistics, you can always look them up here!

How to use:

Since promoting one’s blog is an effective way of gaining more traffic, here are some not-so-popular tactics that actually do wonders for marketers and their content marketing:

  • Sharing is caring- Make use of social media platforms and also your contacts. This is one of the easiest ways by which you can promote your content marketing. All you have to do is just a click. Since social platforms are fast, marketers can easily reach out to more people.
  • SEO may seem difficult- Getting organic traffic may seem difficult since it is not that popular and not easy for everyone to use. Your content, however, can be effective if you can combine all the skills. This way, you can increase the reach of your content marketing.
  • You can control the email- Since email is free of any tech giants, it can easily make your content marketing more popular. You can easily reach your readers and viewers directly through email, unlike Facebook and Google. However, for email, you do not need any intermediate.
  • Paid buyers are expensive- If you cannot attract or make your readers interested in your content blogging, you might consider buying buyers. However, at times, your blogging’s popularity may go down by taking the statistics also low, since it is highly expensive.
  • Get an influencer- People who are already well established on social platforms and have connections can do a great deed if they promote your content. The blogging statistics will increase in comparison to others. Even though only 12% of content makers use this, it is highly beneficial when you want more reach for your blog.

What is the role of SEO for blogging?

Keyword research or SEO plays a very vital role when it comes to blogging. However, most of the content makers overlook this factor. It is highly useful to get traffic. You have to understand how to optimize your blog for search engines and go for the reach. SEO’s have ways to boost up the keyword search and position your website in a very relevant manner to answer the questions of the one who is searching.

How to use:

The algorithm updates by Google is very copious and different for SEO. You have to understand the working of the search key engine. However, you have to understand that certain topics do not require a keyword search. They won’t make any sense.

In case you are wondering, what can be such topics, let’s say breaking news or trending topics. But once you keyphrase your content, success is on your way. You need to understand the difference between a blogger who researches “robust results” and “always” research keywords.

You do not have to make every article, search optimized. You have to understand the importance and write it the very way so that you can attract the right and steady traffic that you need for your content.

Try focusing on the tail-keywords and that too, just one or two, so that your audience can easily get targeted. Always keep the heading intriguing and add the keywords only at places that you think might be needed. Do not put keywords in the whole article. You can even look for more tips and reviews on how to work with SEOs!

Checking analytics while blogging

In case you are a new blogger, you need to understand that you have to check the analytics of your blog posts so that you can understand the traffic. And the number of people who are visiting your site. You can use the Google Analytics tool to keep track of the content you have been publishing.

How to use:

If you are a regular tracker of your blogging posts, then there will be amazing results. The analytical record is the intel between you and your readers. If you can use it well, it will benefit you.

Your content will reach a higher level of traffic, and you will also know where to make the changes so that the reach can be higher. By using the analytical output, you can improvise your next post and make the necessary changes.

The stats show how many bloggers avoid this important factor. However, this is one of the best ways to get in touch with your readers and make the content that will be flourishing.

Let’s wrap it up!

Blogging is fun and also creative. If you think you have a story to share with the world or talk about things that interest you, blogging can help reach out to your similar kinds. And if you are one upcoming blogger, then all the very best!

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