Best Windows Hosting Services of 2022

Which is considered to be the best windows host for you?

The website hosting platform that uses the Windows operating system servers is considered the best windows hosting. This Windows hosting solution is the most compatible solution for anyone equipped with Windows tools for servers and the languages inclusive in it, which mainly involve the ASP. NET or the Microsoft exchange.

There is a vast difference in using the tools for windows and windows computer servers, so it simply means that you need not use the windows tools just because you have a windows personal computer.

Some so many providers are offering windows hosting servers and a money-back guarantee. The Windows hosting servers are the ideal hosting type for all of the Microsoft technologies. We have discussed the pros cons of all these windows web hosting programs in detail below so that you can have a simple idea of which web hosting program you should go with.

Best Windows Servers Hosting Providers

  1. A2 Hosting: This windows hosting company is best known for its Security. A2 no longer offers Windows hosting, instead, you can check our suggestions for the best Linux hosting platforms
  2. Hostinger The windows hosting company is well known for its Windows VPS hosting. Currently, Hostinger decided to stop its Windows hosting services.
  3. HostGatorThis platform is the best and value for money platform.
  4. GoDaddyThis windows hosting company is known for its features.
  5. DreamHostThey are known for their Flexibility. Nowadays they are entirely Linux-based.

A2 Hosting

A2 Windows Shared Web Hosting

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Like the other hosting providers, the A2 hosting company can also offer relatively low costs for their plans in the initial stages of the plan, including the money-back guarantee. In this fantastic windows, web hosting provides you with 51% off for the first year in the windows web hosting plans with a money-back guarantee. It would help if you stayed alert when the prices hike when it is time to renew all of the plans at the A2 hosting.

It is quite noticeable that there is a wide range of prices available and the A2 hosting plans. The main motive behind this is that the A2 hosting can offer the users incredible VPS windows hosting and shared hosting plans.

When we compare the VPS hosting and the shared hosting plans, we have discovered that shared hosting is relatively cheaper than VPS hosting. In the latter case, the server resources are being allocated to the user’s site only. The user will require a shared plan if they have just begun windows web hosting, and the windows VPS plan will be suitable for the users who are hosting a large site like the business page or some online store.

The next one on the list after the windows VPS are the dedicated plans discussed in the information provided above. You can quickly notice the jump in prices between the VPS plans and the shared plans. The A2 hosting is also delivering the users with an easy money-back guarantee, making it relatively easy for the users to try their services whenever they wish to assist via the provider’s hosting plans and customer support.


Like most providers, the web hosting platform provides the users with a free SSL certificate, which is quite necessary, and all of the other windows plans. The A2hosting also goes beyond all limits to provide the users with the very rare Perpetual Security Initiative, which has also been unrelenting and has constant hosting protection. Such security features have removed all the threats before these threats become more extensive than the small issue.

The features provided by the A2Hosting’s perpetual Security and customer support are mentioned below:

  • The hardening of the server.
  • Scanning of the virus.
  • Dual web hosting firewall.
  • Brute Force defense works against the typical hacking strategies.
  • Reinforced DDoS protection works against harmful traffic.

Other Features

The cheapest Windows plan from the A2hosting is inclusive of one website and the five databases. Simultaneously, all the other databases are inclusive of the other windows plans, which are offering unlimited websites and databases. The other features also include the migration of the free site, which will make the life of the user relatively easy. It will be considered best to switch from the A2Hosting from a different provider, which will be somewhat more comfortable with customer support.


Hostinger Windows hosting


The Hostinger is well-known windows web hosting platform that is very famous for Windows VPS hosting. The introductory prices offered by Hostinger are set up so that you can save as much as 17-28% on all of these Windows VPS plans in the first year of the plan. Even after the initial year is over, Hostinger can provide the users with a wide variety of price ranges. The very cheap window hosting plans will cost you at least $36 per month. Simultaneously, the most expensive site plans may seem to cost you as much as $300 per month.

There might be some of the customers who will be pondering over the fact that what is the reason behind the high price of Hostinger’s Windows hosting plans as compared to those of GoDaddy and HostGator. The main reason behind this is that GoDaddy and HostGator offer the customers shared windows hosting plans. In contrast, the Hostinger is only able to provide the user with marvelous VPS windows hosting.

There are so many factors that can depict the comparison between the shared hosting and the VPS cloud hosting but in short, and we can say that VPS hosting is one of the best as it has more resources to allocate to the dedicated servers to huge sites and also to all of the online stores.

So you are paying more for the VPS hosting companies, but you are also provided with more features and useful resources. With Hostinger, you are also provided along with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that the customers can quickly try the Hostinger web hosts and can see for themselves whether if it suits their needs or not.


In the Hostinger web hosting provider, the web hosts are provided with high-level enterprise data backups, which will allow the user to be able to restore all the data and the files quickly. So we can say that the customer can be at their peace of mind with the assistance of just some clicks.

When we talked with the customer service team of Hostinger, we came to know about the fact that mostly all VPS plans provide the user with dedicated hosting and they have root access, so mostly all the security issues should be handled on the customer’s end to be secure for the future use.

Root access is known to be an administrator-level authorization that is going to provide the user with full access to the dedicated servers. If you want to be safe and secure, you will have to add some safety measures. It is recommended by the best hosting services of 2020, Hostinger, to set strong and robust passwords and install the intrusion protection and detection system like the Snort as a server option for the web applications in the hosting plan.

Other Features

At the Hostinger operating system, the very famous Plesk Control Panel is not used in the Windows hosting plans in their Plesk control panel. The customer control panel has been developed by the Hostinger itself, which is known to be very intuitive and easy to use for a Plesk control panel. So you can now realize that from where the free domain, billing information, and email accounts are being managed. When you have successfully signed up for the Windows VPS plan, you can access the well-managed VPS control panel with a dedicated server other than a Plesk control panel.

At least four variants of the windows hosting plans are offered at the best windows hosting services by the best windows web hosting platform.

The VPS plans deliver 50,100,400,200 GB of storage along with the bandwidth, which can be nearly 4,000, 5,000, 7,000, and 6,000 GB of disk space, respectively. These features are not that fascinating compared to the other hosting service, which delivers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage to their users. Suppose we see in terms of pros cons. In that case, the significant advantage of using the Hostinger is that it delivers the user with the dedicated server IP addresses and its VPS plans, which will offer direct access to the dedicated server website with a free domain.


HostGator Windows Hosting


The HostGator windows platform can provide its users with affordable plans, along with being competitive. The Windows hosting company has earned the title of being the Best value money server as they are quite efficient.

The windows Web hosting service platform is also not that expensive. It offers a money-back guarantee as in our list, based on the pricing of the various windows companies. We have listed the company as on the second rank for being the lowest in pricing without compromising on any of its features.

Almost all the other windows hosting providers present in the market are offering their services at a relatively low price. Such windows companies’ prices show an escalating rise in their prices when the plans are renewed after a year. At HostGator, you are also provided with a discount of 20% on your initial payment in which the 1-36 months are covered in pros cons.

The shared plans from HostGator are available at a starting price of nearly $4.76-$15.96 per month. The HostGator’s dedicated programs can provide the users with Microsoft Windows hosting, making projects a bit expensive. These plans lie in the starting price range of $118.99-$289 per month.

It might seem that the price range of the dedicated and shared plans is on a significantly higher-end, but their windows plans are at par with the industry. The high cost of these plans is that on platforms like the shared platform, the user transfers a server and the other resources and some other websites. On the other hand, in the dedicated plan, the server is dedicated to the user’s website and all of their files.


The HostGator can provide their users with the free SSL certification and all of the other hosting plans to play a significant role in assuring whether if your website is being flagged securely or not. There is a 24/7 survey conducted by the support team of the HostGator to monitor the shared windows plans so that the resources of the server are appropriately allocated. It also ensures that the data is being automatically backed up daily or not to keep your files safe and secure.

The HostGator uses the SpamAssassin filter to ensure that all the emails are protected for the Windows site.

Other features

The HostGator provides the user with robust and secure features for safe windows web hosting. With such services’ assistance, you are provided along with the features like unlimited accounts, autoresponders, forwards, and up to 25 mailing lists. All these features are essential for web hosting services if the customer’s engagement is a critical factor in the site’s success.

The plans that are provided by the HostGator company can also integrate very effectively along with all the other applications. The user can also access the blogEngine blog, Wiki site, and the WordPress blog with the services offered by the web host provider. The company will also yield you a free website builder and with as many as 4,500 templates.

The customer support provided by the HostGator team is also incredible as the team is available for your help 24/7 on the phone. The live chat also plays an essential role in the support provided by the company. In a survey, the users were questioned that how they would like to receive the support, so mostly all the users voted for the live chat being the most effective method of obtaining help through the hosting option.

We can say that the HostGator Windows hosting service’s response time is excellent, and along with that, it offers essential information for the customer.


GoDaddy UK Windows Hosting

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With GoDaddy in the starting price, the users can save almost up to 335 in the beginning year, ranging from $5.99-12.99 per month. The economy plan, which is provided by them to all of the customers, is considered the cheapest, and it is offering at least one website to the users with 100GB of disk space and the unmetered bandwidth.

The plans offered by GoDaddy are comprised of the ultimate and the deluxe plans in WordPress that are also offering unmetered bandwidth for the users along with unmetered storage and even unlimited websites. This excellent plan has gone one step ahead by involving the MySQL or SQL server and the MSSQL databases along with the total FTP users.

GoDaddy involves the fantastic price range in which the prices are involved in the field of $5.99 per month, 412.99 per month, and $7.99 per month. You always be attentive for the print and also the economy renews at the rate of $8.99 per month whereas the deluxe will continue at a rate of 411.99 per month, and the ultimate plan is going to renew at the rate of $16.99 per month.


GoDaddy’s windows plan is massively conclusive of the 24/7 security monitoring along with the DDoS protection, which is going to keep your server in safer hands. The security measure by GoDaddy is always kept up-to-date along with the standards of the industry. You can also go for the website backup, which you can purchase additionally for a price of $2.99 per month.

The website automatically backs up the data every day, which is essential for the user. This backed-up data by the windows hosting can be restored within a click, which is also very easy. This proves out to be a brilliant feature. Still, suppose such a part is essential for you. In that case, you should think of going with the providers like HostGator, which will conduct the backups almost free of cost, which is also necessary.

Web hosting servers also work efficiently. The backup in the disk space by the service is done every week.

Other features

GoDaddy is the best windows hosting site in terms of the incredible features that it can offer the users in terms of the Windows hosting providers. In our survey conducted for the best windows hosting platform, the ‘features’ were considered essential in the optimum web hosting site when the users were selecting the best hosting provider. The features gained more than 32% in this aspect, huge when we talk about the windows VPS hosting.

Mostly all the GoDaddy features allow the customers to integrate and the various programs and applications associated with the site. The plans provided by GoDaddy involve mainly the one-click install of many of the general applications that are being provided by GoDaddy. These applications mainly include Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc., along with the 1-click setup for the GoDaddy registered domains for the user.

You are also provided along with the ultimately free office 365 Emails for the initial year, including the 5 GB dedicated storage. You should keep in mind to cancel the auto-renewal if you are not willing to pay for the emails after the first year.


DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost windows hositng

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The DreamHost is well known for its ease of Flexibility, which is why the cloud hosting platform is defined as a platform with a complete Linux hosting environment. Suppose you need a provider that is offering many resources along with support for the Windows operating system. In that case, you should consider looking for it somewhere else other than this. The Dreamhost is offering a Linux hosting service, which is a cloud service known as the DreamCompute. That is the only DreamHost plan which thoroughly supports the Windows servers, so the interface is not entirely free from the Windows servers.


DreamHost is offering a completely different pricing plan than most of the hosting providers. In such plans, you only need to pay for the resources you are using each month, which is brilliant. In simple words, the Linux hosting company will not charge you for the signup, but the company will bill you monthly based on the services you are using each month.

In the DreamCompute plan, the hosting provider is offering Six different options. The starting price and the maximum range for the plan are $4.50-$96.00. This will work like they will charge you for each hour you use the domain name, WordPress, SSL certificate, etc. until you have reached the monthly cap, and then again, they will not charge you for the billing cycle of the additional hours. The bandwidth and the domain name are free on the DreamCompute plan. Currently, we do not know up when the bandwidth is going to be free.


The DreamCompute is comprised of a Linux operating system, which is a self-healing storage system and is known as Ceph, which is going to create and replicate the data and can also automatically detect the potential of any data corruption in Linux. But with the Windows server 2012, you are still going to manage your backups, and the users can easily switch to the windows server 2016, which is also compatible with windows server 2008.

Other features

Certain features are lacking in the DreamHost for all of those Microsoft windows hosting provider operating systems. But the Linux web host is compensating for the features in terms of the flexible pricing offered by the DreamHost. There is so much more other than just the pay-by-hour part in the DreamCompute shared hosting plans, which mainly involves full root access and fantastic server speed.

The Microsoft windows hosting is also great, which provides us with scalable servers. The windows server is going to migrate your work to the private cloud of the customer. This can be easily achieved as the DreamHost is powered by the OpenStack, which is also quite famous for the cloud computing platform for Linux, which is being used by the web hosting companies that are private and public with Linux.

Best windows hosting: Recap

We can see that Linux windows hosting is not the most used hosting, which is present out there. But if you can run the site along with the Linux Microsoft windows server, it will suit your requirements. We have discussed in detail the information above about the five top Windows web hosting services mentioned below. For more information, you can also visit their site.

Best Windows servers hosting providers:

  1. A2 HostingThis windows hosting company is best known for its Security. A2 no longer offers Windows hosting, instead, you can check our suggestion for the best Linux hosting platforms.
  2. Hostinger The windows hosting company is well known for its Windows VPS hosting. Currently, Hostinger decided to stop its Windows hosting services.
  3. HostGatorThis platform is the best and value for money platform.
  4. GoDaddyThis windows hosting company is known for its features.
  5. DreamHost: They are known for their Flexibility. Nowadays they are entirely Linux-based.

It is useful if you are seeking a Microsoft windows hosting platform. Then you feel that you are not satisfied with the Linux Microsoft windows hosting plan with the dedicated server, free domain, WordPress, live chat, SQL server, disk space, customer support, SSD caching servers, etc. In such a case, many windows server companies like the A2 hosting and Hostinger offer kind refund policies so that you can quickly try their packages.

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