The Best Website Builder in November 2022

Do you have a sufficient budget to hire a web developer for your new website?

Don’t worry. There are various easy-to-use free or inexpensive website builder platforms to create and manage the webpage you want by yourself.

The good news is most of them are suitable for complete beginners and non-techies, so anyone can use them to create the website of their dreams.

The benefits of using a website builder

Here are some of the advantages,  rather than hiring a web developer:

  • Hiring a web developer can cost you a minimum of $2,000, and there are ongoing costs related to the regular updates needed to keep your website up to date
  • By building and managing your website by yourself, you can easily log in and perform the updates by yourself without the need to contact customer support.
  • This platform is perfect for freelancers, bloggers, writers, artists, photographers, e-commerce, and other small business owners with small budgets.

Are you looking for best website builder for small businesses?

Since there are so many different options, it can be challenging to pick the one that suits your needs the best.

Here is an overview of the best website platforms for 2022. It should help you make an informed decision in choosing the one to use for creating a website.

Why pay for a website builder and hosting plan?

Keep in mind that although most of the builders on this list have a free version that you can use, it is a good idea to consider subscribing to a paid plan.

The main reasons are:

  • You will need a proper and professional domain name for the website you create
  • Most free plans offered by the platforms are limited, so you will need to pay for extra features and options like choosing more templates, getting an e-mail account with the domain name, getting help from support, and so on.
  • By paying for using the service of the builder and hosting service, you can rest assured that your website stays up, all of your content is intact, and everything is in place no matter what

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The best website builder platforms for 2022 Overview

Wix Website Builder is one of the most popular website builders. It is easy to use, relatively inexpensive, has a wide variety of website templates, and is perfect for small businesses, e-commerce stores, and personal blogs with a limited budget.

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  • hosts over 100 million users and is the most popular of the best website builder website builder platforms worldwide.
  • The prices are less expensive than others, and monthly plans start at just $10 for personal use and $20 for business and e-commerce
  • You can also receive very attractive discounts and bonuses for signing up for longer-term plans
  • The platform provides access to over 630 excellent website templates and themes suitable for all kinds of personal and commercial needs
  • It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, very easy to navigate with nifty drag-and-drop features, and suitable for even the most inexperienced users
  • The platform can be used for creating any type of website
  • You can easily create an online store with multiple payment methods accepted
  • There is also an option for uploading videos, using a customizable music player, creating options for online booking and reservations and orders, and more
  • There is a free version and a free trial version of available
  • The platform is very reliable, with an uptime of over 99% and a fast speed
  • There are iOS and Android apps that allow for editing and updating the website via other devices as well
  • There is a 5-minute website AI builder option for quick and easy setup
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • You need to pay $6 per month for each registered e-mail account
  • There is no live chat tech support (instead, there is phone and ticket support)


  • You can create an absolutely free website, but it will have Wix ads, but you can easily upgrade it later.
  • The free trial is for 14 days.
  • The cheapest monthly plan is $10, and it includes 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth.
  • All of the annual plans include a free domain name, which can be renewed for just $12.95 per year.
  • The least expensive e-commerce plan is $20 per month and includes 20GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Every e-mail costs $6 per month via Google Suite

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Final verdict is among the easiest website builders. It is simple, reliable, fast, and suitable for beginners.

There is a huge variety of themes and templates to choose from, and you can find a ready-made template for just about any need – personal or commercial. All of them are categorized into easy-to-find and access groups.

You can also choose among over 100 different fonts to use for your website and pick images from the large library on the platform.

One of the best features is the drag and drop website building tool, which is so easy that even an absolute beginner can create a decent-looking website instantly and without hassle.

Thanks to the free logo and favicon maker, you can even create a unique logo for your business.

The budget-friendly price makes a perfect choice for personal users, hobbyists, and for small businesses with limited budgets.

The fact is, is more than just a website builder. Through the tools provided on this platform, you can also create an e-commerce store, send newsletters, create coupons, and more.

The innovative AI feature (called ADI) allows for creating a unique website in a matter of a few minutes just by answering a few simple questions about your needs and preferences.

You can make changes to your website from anywhere thanks to the useful iOS and Android apps available too.

You can assign more than one editor and writer to access the website for easier management.

Tech support is provided via phone or a ticket system.

The loading performance is fast, and the uptime is over 99.99%, which is very good compared to many of the other website builder platforms.

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Squarespace Overview


Squarespace has some gorgeous templates, which will allow artists, designers, and photographers to create professional-looking portfolios.

It is a builder targeted at the design and artistic niche and is more expensive than most other website builders.


  • It is probably the best pick for a website builder when it comes to image-based websites
  • The platform offers access to over 200 professional-looking templates
  • The resulting websites feel like they have been custom-built by web developers
  • The platform has an intuitive editor allowing the users to tweak and customize their sites easily
  • All of the plans come with unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • The uptime is 99.98%, and the speed is very fast too
  • Excellent SEO tools for improving the ranking and increasing the traffic
  • It has 6 interface languages for multilingual sites


  • The pricing is higher than most other website builders and starts at $12 per month for personal use and a minimum of $18 for business use when paid annually
  • The e-commerce plan is $40 per month when paid annually and $46 if paid on a monthly basis
  • The prices do not include e-mails, which cost an additional $5 per month
  • Getting to the resources or customer support you need is not very simple
  • Online customer support is not too fast to respond

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  • There is a free 14-day trial which includes most of the premium features
  • All of the plans come with SSL and a free domain name for the first year
  • The renewal of the domain name is $20 per annum
  • You get a discount for paying annually
  • The cheapest plan is $16 per month, or $12 if you pay per year
  • The cheapest business plan is $18 per month if you pay per year
  • The least expensive eCommerce plan costs $30 per month, or only $26 if you pay for the whole year

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Final verdict

Squarespace offers some of the best-designed and professional-looking themes and templates. They are all responsive and look great on all kinds of devices.

The fonts, images, and other elements are also almost perfect.

The Site Styles menu allows for easy template customizing. Plus, users can easily switch from one template to another without losing any of their content while at it.

The platform allows for the use of several of its templates on one website too.

Users can swap the existing images with their own as long as they are in high resolution.

Squarespace offers multi-author access, scheduling of posts, podcast hosting, and AMP support which is good news for bloggers too.

There are four different Squarespace mobile apps that you can use to edit your website from wherever you happen to be.

The platform also offers excellent SEO options like customizing meta-descriptions, URLs, tags, and others.

It also offers a wide array of add-ons to choose from but doesn’t support third-party apps unless you use Code Injection.

For e-commerce websites, Squarespace offers to add online stores, where the inventory can be managed with ease, and so can the orders, the products, and the discount coupons. Payment processing can be done via PayPal, Apple Pay, and Stripe.

The platform has unique features like G Suite, Cover Page Builder, and Getty Images. It allows for live inline editing of the content.

The platform is reliable and fast loading.

It offers 24/7 customer support via e-mail tickets and live chat, but no phone support.

The prices of the plans are quite higher than those offered by most other website builders and hosting services.

As a whole, this builder creates the most professional-looking and beautiful websites. This makes it suitable for creative people and for image-based websites.

Constant Contact Builder Overview

Constant Contact Website Builder

Constant Contact has intelligent AI tools that allow easy and quick development of a beautiful, mobile-compatible, SEO-optimized website. The platform offers lightning-fast loading times, and your website will look professional and great on computers, phones, and all other devices.

The platform also has a completely free plan and a free domain name for 1 year.

The e-commerce plan is less expensive than those offered by most other website builder platforms.

Overall, this platform is easy to use, affordable and offers professional results and solutions. It has responsive and useful 24/7 tech support via chat, e-mail or phone, and is very reliable.


  • There is a completely free version you can use
  • All of the plans are unlimited – thus, you have no restrictions for storage or bandwidth
  • The only platform to offer a free plan for a fully functional e-commerce store
  • The AI builder can sync to your Facebook or Instagram page and upload and sync photos and posts from it to the website instantly
  • With the AI builder, you can create a 100% unique website that is also mobile-friendly and will look excellent on all kinds of devices and screen sizes
  • It is fairly easy and intuitive to use, and you choose the customizable options with a simple click on a page section or element
  • The platform offers integration with Unsplash providing access to over a million high-quality images
  • It also offers integration with some of the biggest payment gateways, including PayPal.
  • You will receive a free domain name for the first year without any ads
  • The builder offers great marketing solutions – sending personalized, targeted e-mails, event registration, and others
  • The platform has an uptime of over 99.9%
  • It provides useful and reliable 24/7 customer support via online chat, e-mail, and phone
  • You will receive access to a wide selection of high-quality images
  • Users receive a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • You will need to pay $6 per e-mail address via Google GSuite
  • The platform uses layouts rather than templates
  • Customizing and editing images can be a bit tricky
  • The free plan does not support phone customer support


  • There is a completely free plan
  • New users get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • All of the plans include a free HTTPS:// SSL certificate
  • You receive a free domain for a year for any plan you sign up for
  • The cheapest plan costs $20 per month and includes unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • The e-commerce plan is also included in the free plan but is limited to 3 items and has a transaction fee of 3%

Final verdict

Thanks to the intelligent AI website building wizard of Constant Contact, you can create a unique and customized website and easily add your own personalized images and content suggestions.

The AI wizard automatically creates a mobile-friendly website and looks perfect on devices of all types and sizes. All you need to do is answer some questions, and the intelligent builder will make a perfect website for you.

You can easily edit the website via all the pre-integrated options, editing tools, and the integration with Unsplash, which provides access to over a million top-quality images.

Constant Contact offers e-mail integration, supports auto-syncing with Facebook and other social networks, and supports third-party plugins.

Thanks to its speedy and reliable Content Distribution Network, your website will load instantaneously so users can get a quick preview at all times.

The platform also has an AI logo maker, so you can create the best branding for your business too.

You can use the free plan, which you can use for unlimited time but with a limited e-mail subscriber list.

If you decide to pay for a plan, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The platform offers an option to send personalized targeted e-mails and has other useful tools like website analytics, event registration, and lead capture forms.

One of the best features of Constant Contact is the constant contact you will have with its useful customer support. In fact, you can reach them 24/7 via live chat, e-mail or phone, and get an immediate and helpful response.

Site123 Overview

SITE123 website builder

Site123 is one of the best website builders for small and simple websites. The platform offers a wide variety of template options. It has a fast speed and reliable uptime.

If you want to upgrade or use Site123 for more complicated and bigger websites, the price will go up rapidly. Still, it will probably cost you less than hiring a developer for a custom-built website.

The editing tools and customer support are not as good and reliable as those of other website builders.


  • There is a limited free plan, so you can test the builder before paying
  • You can choose among over 250 different website templates, suitable for all kinds of businesses and needs
  • There are useful tools that you can use to rearrange your posts or pages via dragging and dropping
  • It has an uptime of 99.97%, which is a little less than and Constant Contact but is still great
  • The basic pricing is good for a simple content-driven blog or website, and it includes a domain name
  • The least expensive e-commerce plan is $22.80 but has excellent support and a useful and detailed help section
  • The e-commerce websites can be integrated with PayPal and Stripe payments and others
  • It allows for the development of a multi-language website
  • You receive a free SSL certificate with any plan


  • In order to get more custom e-mail accounts, you need to upgrade your plan, and cannot purchase them separately
  • Not all parts of the website are fully customizable
  • The customer support is not as reliable as the others even though it is available 24/7


  • There is a free version that you can use to test the builder – it offers 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth
  • All of the plans come with an SSL certificate
  • All annual plans include a free domain for the year
  • The domain name can be renewed for $13 per year
  • The premium plan is $7.80 per month and includes 10GB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth
  • The cheapest plan for e-commerce sites is $14.95 and comes with 90GB of storage and 45GB of bandwidth
  • All plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • There are 4 packages – basic, advanced, professional, and gold

Final verdict

Site123 is relatively easy to use and is perfect for creating your own simple blog, small business, or e-commerce website. It provides over 250 top-quality templates to choose from.

The templates are responsive and are optimized to be mobile-friendly.

This platform is pretty flexible when it comes to editing and adjusting your website. You can easily upload images, change the design or structure, and switch fonts and color schemes.

You will also receive a quick and easy access to hundreds of completely free stock images and to the Google fonts library.

You can also integrate apps and link out to over 25 social network platforms.

One distinctive feature of this platform is that you can easily create a multilingual website, which makes it a good option for international businesses.

It also provides a wide array of plugins, webmaster, analytical, and marketing tools you can pick from.

Site123 also can help you optimize your content with its different SEO tools like customizable URLs, editing meta and title descriptions, adding text to images, and so on.

You can also activate an e-mail related to your new domain to improve your business reputation.

If you plan to start an e-commerce website with Site123, you can add the common PayPal and Stripe online payment options.

Jimdo Overview

Jimdo Website Builder

Jimdo is a website builder platform with a simple and neat design that is easy and intuitive. It offers a cheap personal plan of just $9, and the least expensive commercial plan is just $15.

The problem with Jimdo is that it has a very limited number of templates, and its uptime and speed are not as reliable as those of the other leading website builder platforms.

But overall, it is one of the least expensive ways to create an ad-free website and offers unlimited storage space and cheap domain-based e-mail accounts for business or higher plans.


  • The price for the least expensive personal plan is as claimed – $9 with no hidden fees and additional payments needed
  • It provides 2 options for website building – Jimdo Creator, and the easier Jimdo Dolphin which offers artificial design intelligence and will build the site for you
  • You can set up a simple website and get it running for less than half an hour
  • An extra e-mail account costs only $1 per month, unlike the more expensive options on other platforms
  • You get unlimited storage for business plans and more expensive ones
  • The cheapest e-commerce plan costs less than $20 per month
  • Annual plans come with a free domain for a year
  • The builder is simple and intuitive and uses easy and time-saving drag and drop
  • It offers pretty good SEO capabilities like URL customizing, meta title editing and adding alt text to images
  • There is a free plan with ads
  • You can easily get concise and timely support and help from the tech support


  • The platform has a very limited variety of templates to choose from
  • There is no live chat or phone customer support, and getting an answer or assistance can take more than 1 day
  • No so reliable uptime and page speed


  • There is a free basic Play option to try the platform out
  • All of the paid plans have SSL certificates
  • All annual plans come with a free domain name for a year, which can be renewed for $20
  • The cheapest plan for Jimdo Dolphin is $9 and for Jimdo Creator is $10
  • The least expensive commercial plan is $19 and comes with 15GB storage and 20GB of bandwidth

Final verdict

Jimdo is a relatively inexpensive platform allowing both newbies and people with some developer skills to build a simple website quickly.

It offers an AI Dolphin builder and a more flexible Creator building mode.

The artificial intelligence mode chats with the user and extracts more information about the user from their social media account to customize the website to their preferences.

With the Creator mode, users can choose the templates and use the drag and drop editor to customize their website to their liking.

The platform offers the option for adding videos, blogs, galleries, and an online store to the website. But there is no option for directly editing or cropping photos and images via the Jimdo editor.

Even though the templates are limited in number, each of them comes with a mobile-friendly version that users can easily activate.

The choice for changing font sizes and colors is unlimited.

Advanced developers can create their own templates and also edit the HTML code on their websites on Jimdo.

SEO tools like adding Google-friendly URLs, 301 redirects, editing Meta descriptions, page titles, and adding alt text are very useful.

Apart from all the additional tools, you can quickly preview how your web page will look in a Google search.

Even though there is no real-time customer support (no phone or chat), Jimdo offers detailed articles and helpful videos that can answer and help with some of the most common issues and problems with the platform.

WordPress Overview

WordPress Website Builder

WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source software used for creating websites. In fact, almost 50% of the most popular websites run on the WordPress engine.

It can be used completely free, but if you want to get additional options like a custom domain, access to 24/7 support, use the advanced developers’ tools, get Google Analytics support, plugins, and get larger storage or run a high volume online store, you may want to opt for the paid plans offered by the WordPress hosting service.

WordPress does require some learning and experience, so it is not the best platform to choose for beginners. It also requires more maintenance and skills for upkeep.


  • It is the most popular website builder software
  • The builder is open source and completely free (not to be confused with the WordPress hosting service – which does require payments for the different plans)
  • It is extremely flexible and can be used for creating all kinds of websites, online stores, marketplaces, blogs, courses, etc.
  • The WordPress hosting service offers reasonably priced paid plans with online support and numerous additional features
  • It has one of the most reliable and speedy hosting services with an uptime of over 99.99% and an average of 300ms loading time
  • You can access thousands of WordPress themes on the market which you can customize to meet your needs
  • There are over 55,000 plugins available for adding features to the website, like the popular WooCommerce
  • You get complete control of your website
  • Thanks to its popularity most of the popular third-party tools can be integrated with WordPress


  • If you are not using WordPress hosting services, you will be responsible for backing up and securing and updating your website
  • It is not as user-friendly for beginners and doesn’t have the easy to use drag and drop feature of other website builders
  • You will need to have some basic skill and knowledge to properly use WordPress
  • You may need to pay for a domain name via as it is not included in all plans offered by the hosting service
  • The cheaper plans offer limited options


  • The WordPress software is open source and free but the hosting services do come with paid plans
  • The cheapest personal plan is $4 per month and includes a custom domain and 24/7 support and 6GB of storage
  • The cheapest business plan is $25 per month and provides users with 200GB of storage, live support and access to business plugins and themes, as well as SEO tools and Google Analytics integration
  • Opening an online store will cost you $45 per month

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Final verdict

With over 34% of all of the websites Online built on WordPress, this is no doubt the most popular and famous web developer’s software and platform.

It is open-source and free, and you can use it to create any kind of website you want without having to pay for a domain at hosting.

However, WordPress is not the most user-friendly software for creating websites for people with no experience.

It does require some learning and experience.

On the other hand, those who have experience with the software and the platform can create just about any type of commercial or non-commercial website with it.

It is hugely flexible, has thousands of plugins, themes, and features you can use and can be integrated with most of the popular third-party tools and applications.

GoDaddy Overview

GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is a popular, flexible website builder with a stable uptime of 99.97% and a speed of 517ms on average.

You get 100GB storage with the base plan as well as unlimited bandwidth.

Apart from having its own website builder, GoDaddy allows for easy installation of more than 125 of the most popular applications like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more, including advanced web development tools as well.

So, overall, GoDaddy is a flexible platform that is suitable both for newbies as well as for tech-savvy webmasters.


  • It offers more than 1,500 template and design options broken down in easy to find categories
  • An easy to use drag and drop interface
  • There is a free 30-day trial option for testing
  • A solid 9.97% uptime
  • Excellent page loading speed
  • Over 125 easy to install applications
  • Great for e-commerce, it has a handy scheduling option too
  • It offers phone and live chat support 24/7
  • It has an easy to use AI website builder


  • The prices are slightly higher than others, and it has many upsells
  • E-mail is integrated with Microsoft Office, not Google
  • E-mails for business use can be pretty expensive
  • The response of the online chat support can take a while
  • Unlike other platforms, the domain name for the first year is not free


  • You can try out the basic features of the platform for free for 30 days
  • All plans have SSL
  • The least expensive plan is $10 per month
  • The e-commerce plan is $25 per month
  • Business e-mails can cost $9 and more per month

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Final verdict

GoDaddy is another popular and user-friendly platform that uses artificial design intelligence to create unique websites easily and quickly.

It is a good option both for people with no experience in developing websites as well as for tech-savvy developers, as it provides an option for installing over 125 of the most popular applications.

It is a good choice for setting up personal blogs and simple small business websites. Visitors of your website can post comments, images, audio, video and can sign up for an RSS feed.

The platform is also good for setting up eCommerce websites, thanks to the SEO guidance and tools that will help businesses rank better on internet search result pages.

Business owners can connect their websites to their social media pages and stores and can retrieve abandoned cart data.

GoDaddy offers secure SSL encryption.

It also offers a free 1-month test of the GoCentral platform with limited templates and designs that are responsive and provide mobile-friendly optimization.

The paid version has an intuitive and easy-to-use drag and drop interface and provides access to more than 1,500 website templates and themes.

The platform is reliable and fast, with stable uptime.

Weebly Overview

Free Website Weebly

Weebly is a popular website builder platform that can be used to create blogs, business sites, portfolios, online stores, and others and get them live and going quickly and without hassle.

Then again, it doesn’t have such a wide variety of choices when it comes to templates and is not as flexible as others when it comes to customizing the options.

Overall, it is great to create your first website and get it going.


  • It has a limited free plan for basic use
  • There is a 15-day free trial option
  • The templates are organized by type
  • The interface includes drag and drop options
  • The editor is highly intuitive, which makes building and customizing a new website easy and quick
  • You will receive unlimited bandwidth and storage at a relatively inexpensive cost
  • You can use it to create a membership website
  • There are very useful SEO tools to help improve your ranking and traffic
  • It has an efficient customer support


  • The template number and type is very limited and some of them are quite outdated
  • Adding an e-mail costs $5
  • The cheapest plans are limited, which means you need to upgrade to grow your website
  • The uptime of 99.97% is lower than most of the others on this list
  • There are no integrated e-mail marketing tools


  • There is a free basic plan available
  • All plans come with SSL
  • Annual plans come with a free domain name for a year
  • The domain name can be renewed for $19.95 per year
  • The cheapest plan is $5 per month when paid annually
  • The least expensive Pro plan is $12 per month, and the Business plan is $25 per month
  • E-mails cost $6 per month and use Google Suite

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Final verdict

Overall, Weebly is a decent choice with an excellent editor. The costs of e-commerce sites can grow rapidly though if you want to get access to all features.

The builder itself has an easy-to-use drag and drop feature which makes it perfect for first-time users.

The templates are professionally designed, but they are limited in number and type. People with programming skills can customize them, but regular users will have trouble with that.

The practical app center offers access to many useful and easy-to-install add-ons.

The platform allows for creating different levels of access and logins, so more than one website editor and writer can have access to the website.

There is an option to provide password-protected access to members as well for content available to them.

The builder offers different SEO tools and the option for adding payment buttons, online chat, and other third-party tools.

The downside is that it doesn’t provide its own e-mail marketing tools.

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Webs Overview

Webs Website Builder

Webs is both a website builder and a hosting service. It is suitable for people and businesses without previous experience and allows them to make great-looking websites.

The drag and drop editor is easy to use and the interface is minimalist and simple.

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  • Webs host over 55 million websites
  • There are 400+ themes and templates to pick from
  • It provides fast and responsive live chat customer support, as well as phone support for Pro plan users
  • The drag and drop editor makes website building a breeze even for newbies
  • Users can create membership sites
  • The paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • You need to upgrade to a more expensive plan to add more e-mails
  • The templates seem a little outdated
  • Over the years, some of the initial discounts may become unavailable, which will make the service more expensive over time
  • A relatively low 99.83% uptime


  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for new users
  • A free version is available
  • All plans have SSL
  • All plans come with a free domain name, which can be renewed after 1 year for $19.95
  • The cheapest plan is $5.99 per month
  • The least expensive business plan is $12.99 per month and includes 3 e-mail addresses

Final verdict

Although the builder is made for easy use even by beginners, and there are over 400 templates to choose from, customers may find that they are outdated and mostly business-oriented.

The free and mobile-optimized templates available are limited, so you will need to pay for the Pro plan to get access to these options.

Webs allow for customers to send group e-mails and exclusive content to members.

Users can add features like calendars, galleries, videos, blogs, and add third-party widgets via HTML.

Online stores can add a special interface to manage and organize the products and sales and give out coupon codes.

Payments can be made via PayPal and Stripe, and the platform also offers a global currency conversion option for international customers.

HostGator Overview

HostGator Website Builder

HostGator is another popular website builder designed and suited for inexperienced users who want to start their own personal, blog, small business, or eCommerce website.

Its editor is drag and drop based, and all of the editing and publishing features have been simplified to a minimum.

Overall the Gator website builder is a cost-effective, easy-to-use website building platform, which is best suited for non-experienced users and for uncomplicated website creation.


  • Easy and intuitive with mostly drag and drop options for newbie website owners
  • It is a cost-effective service starting at just $3.84 per month for website building, free domain name, free hosting, 24/7 customer support, website analytics, SSL, and access to the templates
  • It offers both website building and WordPress, VPS and Dedicated hosting services
  • You can easily migrate and transfer your existing website to this hosting service
  • There are over 200 mobile-friendly templates, which can be used and customized to suit your needs
  • Suitable for blogs, small businesses, portfolios, technology and e-commerce websites
  • A free image gallery for the users


  • There is no free trial and no free plan available
  • The customer support may take some time to respond


  • There is no free trial or a free version
  • Each plan comes with a secure SSL and a domain name for 1 year
  • The renewal of the domain name is $15 per year
  • The starter plan is $3.45 per month
  • The premium plan is $5,99 per month and comes with priority customer support
  • The eCommerce plan is $9.22 per month
  • An e-mail account costs $6 per month and works via Google Suite

Final verdict

HostGator is a popular website building and hosting service, suitable for uncomplicated websites for personal use, blogs, small businesses, portfolios, and e-commerce.

Thanks to the intuitive drag and drop editor, even first-time website owners can create the website they need.

There are more than 200 customizable templates to choose from, and they are all mobile-friendly and will look great on all devices and computers.

The library has high-quality stock photos to choose from too.

Thanks to the integrated website analytics in the platform, you can easily check your statistics including the number of visitors and the prime sources of traffic generation.

The plans are quite inexpensive, as compared to other platforms. All of them come with a free domain name for the first year as well as an SSL certificate.

Gator is obviously made for easy use by non-techie users. It is a relatively new builder, so it may evolve over time.

For people who want to use HostGator for creating e-commerce websites, it has all the basic features including coupon management, inventory control, a shipping and tax calculator, reporting, and others.

With the eCommerce plan, you can also add integrated shopping cart functionality to the online store.

But, the platform doesn’t offer a free test trial for new users.

Customer support is 24/7 although it is not always available right away. Users with the gator Premium plan get fast priority support.

The platform has a useful and comprehensive knowledge base with help and advice for most common issues.

It has a solid uptime of 99.98% and a fast load time.

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