Best Linux Hosting Services of 2022

Hosting providers who use the Linux operating system on their servers are referred to or termed as Linux server hosting. Almost all web hosting providers use the Linux operating system, which is a great thing.

Linux web hosting services have changed the world of hosting applications and other ventures. It’s a special hosting method that elevates security and reduces a lot of unnecessary hassle. With Linux web hosting, you can reduce the upfront cost as most of the software is open source.

With the high stability of Linux dedicated servers, you will get a stable connection. This article comprises the best Linux hosting services available today.

We’re able to offer you our research-led guide to the best Linux hosting service, customized to the Hosting you’re searching for after thoroughly examining a wide range of variables, from uptime, live chat support, and bandwidth along with add-ons.

A Linux server enables web developers to construct their platform utilizing common and efficient open-source programs such as PHP, SSH, PostgreSQL, Python, MySQL, Ruby, and more.

Best Linux hosting for All in 2022

Hosting Linux is going to work well for you. It’s typically considered simpler to use than Windows hosting, it’s much more customizable and versatile, plus it allows you a broader range of providers.

Here in this article, we will know about various Linux server hosting providers and get to know about their detailed structure and features along with the packages and pricing plans offered. This will help you get a clear idea about types of hosting and assist you in concluding and coming down to a decision based on the requirements and needs.

Without further ado and beating around the bush, let’s get into the business of the list of best Linux hosting providers.


Bluehost 1

BlueHost is a powerful, robust, and professionally controlled Linux hosting. It has paved its way to the top 10 best Linux web hosting servers in the world. The Linux hosting services provided by Bluehost are quite stable and fast.

With reliable hosting servers and an integrated caching network, this hosting loads content relatively quickly. Moreover, to remove the instances of data loss and breaches, all the website data is stored over three separate devices.

BlueHost allows raising your server capacity with a few taps, even without rebooting your server. The rich dashboard features are handy for traffic control, load speed, global coverage, resource analysis, and automated failure.

They also allow a monthly subscription that is ideal for testing their cloud storage’s consistency a month or two before you like to switch to the annual plan. This also offers 24/7 customer service by professionals through emails, phone calls, and online chat. All plans are to ensure a fixed 30-day money-back guarantee feature.

Interesting Features Of Bluehost

  • The customer support offered across different platforms like live chat, emails, and the phone is available 24/7. They could provide technical help whenever needed by professional experts and be in touch with the users consistently.
  • BlueHost has been receiving praise and hype from WordPress since 2005 and is recommended by them.
  • The Linux hosting plans of Bluehost may not be the cheapest, but they are definitely worth the price.
  • This Linux web host offers an excellent uptime guarantee, unlike other providers.
  • Tons of cool functionality unique to WordPress. With just one click installation of WordPress, and automate plugin/software updates.

Features that could improve

  • There’s no free upload to the web. There’s a comprehensive guide in the Bluehost information center that assists in doing this yourself, or users can pay $149.99 to Bluehost.
  • BlueHost requires users to sign in for a year minimum and also offers a money-back guarantee.
  • SSL certificate is only available for pro plans or top-end packages.
  • Some checkouts might get included at the end of the process, which one needs to take care of.

BlueHost Linux Hosting Plans

Hosting typePromotional Price RangeRenewal Price Range
Shared$2.95 - $5.45/month$7.99 - $14.99/month
Managed WordPress$19.95 - $49.95/month$29.99 - $59.99/month
VPS$18.99 - $59.99/month$29.99 - $119.99/month
Dedicated$79.99 - $119.99/month$119.99 - $209.99/month

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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

This Linux hosting business has a long history of managing cloud computing operating systems and with the assistance of technical professionals and specialists in the IT field, including SSD storage servers and cloud services. A2 Hosting is a top site where web hosting technical professionals work hard to offer top-notch facilities. The hardware operating systems’ changes make it possible for A2 Hosting to continue on the competition list.

A top-notch premium competition for a digital ocean cloud network operating system provides data cloud platforms, alternative cloud service providers, and shared hosting for the best hosting plans. With outstanding high-end state drives and next-gen intel processors, the high-quality cloud hosting provider platform by A2 Hosting is built with 40 Gbit/s network bandwidth per server.

Interesting Features Of A2 Hosting

  • With greater RAM and more CPUs, the company provides hosting services at affordable starting prices. For adjusting your site, A2 Hosting’s cloud plans are optimal.
  • This shared hosting platform offers free SSL certificates and also offers an all-time money-back guarantee.
  • A2 Hosting will relocate your site from your new provider to its system without charge.
  • They also offer expert customer support.

Features that need improvement

  • The A2 Hosting site owners offer the lowest uptime percentage, which is 99.95% and does not allow us to scale our uptime, but it will credit us 5% every month when our web host’s site is down.
  • These server operating systems do not provide a free domain name.

A2 Linux Hosting Plans

Hosting typePromotional Price RangeRenewal Price Range
Shared$2.99 - $12.99/month$10.99 - $25.99/month
Managed WordPress$11.99 - $41.99/month$23.99 - $61.99/month
VPS$4.99 - $59.99/month$8.99 - $139.99/month
Dedicated$129.99 - $249.99/month$199.99 - $329.99/month
  1. Shared Hosting comes between the promotional price of  $2.99 – $12.99 a month and the renewal price of $10.99 – $25.99 a month.
  2. Managed WordPress hosting comes between the promotional price of $11.99 – $41.99 a month and the renewal price of $23.99 – $61.99 a month.
  3. VPS hosting comes between the promotional price of $4.99 – $59.99 a month and the VPS hosting renewal price of $8.99 – $139.99 a month.
  4. Dedicated Hosting comes between the promotional price of $129.99 – $249.99 a month and the renewal price of $199.99 – $329.99 a month.

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Web Hosting Services SiteGround

Siteground is a reliable provider of Linux hosting and provides optimal customer support for the customers.

Interesting Features Of Siteground

  • SiteGround is a major security firm. For all hosting services, protection is a concern, but SiteGround also brings it to the next level. With an auto-renewal free SSL certificate and updated security algorithm, it protects your site from harmful cyber attacks. This saves your data from hackers.
  • There are several functions that make the hosting WordPress-friendly. Starter plugins, automated software updates
  • Free regular automatic backups are present with a single click to reintroduce your site’s previous models with only a single click inside your control panel.

Features that need improvement

SiteGround has many pros that outnumber the cons, making it top the chart of site hosting platforms. Still, there is a major con, and that is, compared to all the other Linux hosting platforms or providers. This open-source (OS) operating system is a bit pricey. Right from the basic plans, the price rises in a drastic way. Research proves that more than 55% of users claim the pricing to be high. This is one of the best Linux hosting open-source providers with a money-back guarantee.

Siteground Linux Hosting Plans

Hosting typePromotional Price RangeRenewal Price Range
Shared$6.99 - $14.99/month$14.99 - $39.99/month
Managed WordPress$6.99 - $14.99/month$14.99 - $39.99/month
Cloud$80 - $240/month$80 - $240/month
  1. Shared Hosting comes between the promotional price of $6.99 – $14.99 a month and the renewal price of $14.99 – $39.99 a month.
  2. Managed WordPress hosting comes between two price ranges. With promotional prices, it comes between a range of $6.99 – $14.99 monthly. If you want to renew the services, then the price ranges are $14.99 – $39.99 per month.
  3. VPS cloud hosting comes between the renewal price range of $80 – $240 a month.

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Hosting Platform Go Online With Hostinger

The Hostinger company, with its top-notch next-wave technologies and high-performance art facilities tailored for all forms of customers, handles millions of customers from all over the world, including 178 countries (29 million). Hostinger provides a broad range of web hosting and developer software solutions, especially if you are a programmer, blogger, developer, or webmaster.

The company now offers state-of-the-art cloud servers and managed cloud services, in addition to conventional pooled storage. Along with 2 Core CPUs, the 3x faster server performance and cloud services let you get an incredibly better network performance.

In seven continents, Hostinger has several data centers spread accordingly around the globe. RAID-10 and multilayer fail-safe systems help back up the files periodically and reduce the loss of data due to an accident.

Interesting Features Of Hostinger

  • This hosting company offers different hosting options: backing up data files to eliminate data loss during hardware failures, tech glitches, or other incidences.
  • Hostinger hosting company provides the lowest cost Linux hosting plans and makes itself an extraordinary hosting provider with meager promotional charges or prices.

Features that could be improved

  • Hostinger does not provide any technical support to the user, and the only option they avail of is a ticketing system.
  • This Linux hosting provider offers the lowest percent of uptime, which is 99.91%.
  • There are no separate dedicated Linux hosting plans.

Hostinger Linux Hosting Plans

Hostinger includes four main plans that have the following characteristics.

Hosting typePromotional Price RangeRenewal Price Range
Shared$0.99 - $3.99/month$9.99 - $15.99/month
WordPress$2.15 - $14.95/month$11.95 - $58.00/month
VPS$3.95 - $29.95/month$9.95 - $129.95/month
Cloud$7.45 - $37.00/month$29.00 - $100.00/month


Secure Fast Reliable InMotion Hosting

Compared to other providers, it’s a pretty pricey Linux hosting provider. However, with all the features and security features, InMotion returns all the value of the investment. You get free access to the WHM cPanel. Certain hosts bill $10 a month for this.

Application and website speeds can be improved by 20x relative to standard drives supported by an SSD server operating system. With the support provided by SSD-equipped servers, you can improve your website and application speed by 20x compared to conventional drives.

With cutting-edge cloud instance technologies and top-notch class hardware, all the plans offered are designed.

They use numerous SSL encryptions and protection filters to secure the cloud VPS server. InMotion, along with technical assistance, comes with cloud VPS plans and a 24/7 customer service facility via live chat, phone conversation, and email.

Interesting Features Of InMotion

  • The customer support offered by InMotion expert staff is so professional as they receive 160 hours of training and also offer tech support whenever necessary.
  • The additional costs are almost minimal to zero, and the plans offered to come up with free SSL certificates and free backups along with a free domain name.
  • InMotion hosting provides a 90-day money-back guarantee feature that allows you to take a trial of how the provider works.
  • This Linux InMotion hosting plan comes with dedicated servers, unlimited bandwidth, and disk space, even for the basic standard plans.

Features that could be improved

  • Dedicated hosting plans are pretty expensive.
  • It provides an uptime guarantee of 99.97%.

InMotion Linux Hosting Plans

The four main plans offered consist of the following features.

Hosting typePromotional Price RangeRenewal Price Range
Shared$2.49 - $12.99/month$7.99 - $15.99/month
Managed WordPress$4.99 - $10.99/month$8.99 - $142.99/month
VPS$22.99 - $54.99/month$39.99 - $144.99/month
Dedicated$115.69 - $248.99/month$189.99 - $589.99/month

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DreamHost Web Hosting

DreamHost company has a lot of cloud computing management or hosting services expertise. They provide cloud server hosting plans for low-cost SSD block storage. DreamHost includes the full root force of free utilization of the resources on the cloud server.

You will boot your Linux cloud servers in less than 30 seconds using the SSH connection. It also offers customer service on a virtual machine (live chat) in a secure manner. To help you solve issues, there is a wide variety of 24/7 user-friendly customer service through live chat.

The community group will ask questions through live chat, telephone calls, and a dedicated site to get answers. As a DreamHost gift, all the plans provided by DreamHost come with 100 GB block storage and limitless bandwidth.

Interesting Features Of Dreamhost

  • DreamHost’s Linux hosting plan offers massively high storage, far greater than all the regular hosting plans.
  • The lowest cost is the shared hosting renewal price. While certain providers’ rates escalate until you are out of the discount era, the cheapest shared package for DreamHost rises to just $4.95 a month.

Features that could be improved

  • There is no customer support available either through a live chatting platform or through phone calls. The customer support team or the technical support division can be of no help and requires us to help ourselves, which is hard for a new user.
  • This Linux hosting provider does not use a control panel, a standard basic hosting dashboard to get a grip with. DreamHost does not use its panel.

Dreamhost Linux Hosting Plans

DreamHost provides five hosting types that offer the following features.

Hosting type1 Year+ Plan Price RangeMonthly Plan Price Range
Shared$3.95 - $4.95/month$4.95 - $10.95/month
Managed WordPress$10- $71.95/month$16.95 - $79.95/month
VPS$13.75 - $110/month$15 - $120/month
Cloud$4.50 - $96/month$4.50 - $96/month
Dedicated$149 - $379/month$169 - $299/month

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Best Website Hosting HostGator

HostGator is one of the Linux Hosting providers that boasts of its state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure. You will see a double-fold increase in the speed of hosting the traditional approach.

The dashboard elevates the user experience and makes it quite user-friendly. You can control multiple pages in no time and manage all the resources efficiently. You get all the control over the customization of functions. With an efficient control panel, you can track several metrics and keep a check to utilize all the resources properly.

Interesting Features Of Hostgator

  • HostGator is one of the best Linux hosting providers that provides various Linux hosting plan types that grow consecutively as the web hosts’ grow.
  • HostGator hosting provider offers the highest uptime guarantee and money-back guarantee percent, which is 99.99%, which means that it runs for maximum time. If otherwise happens, it offers a free trial.
  • It offers a free SSL certificate to keep the web host safe and secure and comes with a free domain name with VPS and dedicated hosting plans.
  • HostGator provides 24/7 tech support and customer support through live chat and phone calls and offers the best help possible.
  • According to the plan we sign up for, we are offered site transfer for free.
  • HostGator offers various shared hosting plan types according to various hosting needs.

Features that need improvement

  • After the initial incentive cycle is over, HostGator is not super clear about how much the package would cost.
  • Plans are not the cheapest, but we deem them to have decent value as there are a lot of features in them.

Hostgator Linux Hosting Plans

The plans offered have the following features.

Hosting typePromotional Price RangeRenewal Price Range
Shared$2.75 - $5.95/month$6.95 - $8.95/month
Managed WordPress$5.95 - $9.95/month$7.95 - $11.95/month
VPS$29.95 - $49.95/month$49.95 - $69.95/month
Dedicated$118.99 - $148.98/month$138.99 - $199.01/month


iPage Hosting Services

iPage was developed in 1998 to provide the topmost Linux hosting services to all the website makers. It is renowned for its super-affordable packs and has a considerable fanbase throughout the world. Not only this,

Interesting Features of iPage

  • This Linux hosting site offers plans and packages at a moderate price, which is quite affordable.
  • This Linux hosting site provides expert services that are professional anytime, 24/7 through live chats, phone calls, and emails.
  • This Linux hosting site provides only a single shared plan with a starting price of $1.99, and when you need to renew the service, you need to spend $7.99.

Features that need improvement

  • The most downtime by any provider would be faced by a site hosted by iPage. This site provides the lowest uptime guarantee.
  • Backups of this Linux hosting can cost a lot, which is $100 for backups.

iPage Linux Hosting Plans

The plans for iPage are not very strong, which will result in reduced page load rates.

Hosting typePromotional Price RangeRenewal Price Range
Shared$1.99 - $2.99/month$7.99 - $9.99/month
Managed WordPress$3.75 - $6.95/month$7.49 - $10.49/month
VPS$19.99 - $79.99/month$24.99 - $99.99/month
Dedicated$119.99 - $199.99/month$149.99 - $239.99/month
  1. Shared Hosting comes between the promotional price of $1.99-$2.99 per month. While renewing the service, you need to spend a price between a range of $7.99-$9.99 monthly.
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting comes at $3.75 – $6.95/month and the renewal price is $7.49 – $10.49/month.
  3. VPS hosting comes between the promotional price of $19.99-$79.99 per month. While renewing the service, you need to spend a price between a range of $24.99-$99.99 monthly.
  4. Dedicated Hosting comes between the promotional price of $119.99-$199.99 a month and the renewal price of $149.99-$239.99 a month.

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