Best Email Hosting (UK) in 2022: Pricing/Features

People already realize that email marketing is regarded as an effective marketing tool for any business. A report shows that 43% of businesses worldwide, including the UK, proposed email marketing as one of the best ways to market their products or services. This is where a professional email hosting provider comes into play. Precisely, having a custom business email address looks professional and steers a large number of benefits.

Types of Email Hosting Services

It is common knowledge that email hosting services in the UK are divided into three categories:

  • Shared email host with email service
  • Third-party email host
  • Self-hosted email servers.

A shared web host with email service

This type of website hosting service is only available with shared hosting. Hence, it has unavoidable limitations— you cannot freely send/receive any bulk emails. Several email providers popularly come across email clients who require shared web hosting for their brand.

Third-party email host

This type of email web hosting plan always invites digital businesses. It is because these email hostings are scalable, easy-to-use, and equipped with excellent customer support. For this kind of email hosting, you often have to pay separately. It generally ends up costing higher than a shared website hosting with an email service.

Self-hosted email service

Such email hosting services are always complex and require a certain amount of technical expertise to operate their services. The best thing about a self-hosted email server is — it is reliable, and you can send and receive emails with ease.

Now the question arises – what to look for in a hosting service? Read along to get a concise and structured answer to this question.

What to look for in a hosting service?

As stated above, an email solution always provides better communication in terms of personal conversations and is suitable for potential business opportunities, regardless of the industry — from technology to health. With the availability of professional email web hosting providers throughout the UK and the world, there might still be some paranoia about what to choose and what not!

Purchasing a professional email hosting provider is crucial for one and all, especially in the era of a custom domain. However, a little digging deeper could help you shop the best one for your UK email business solution! Here we have compiled the top 5 look-outs to help you grab the best email hosting package solution for your business email!


Protecting your email content within the internet message access protocol is a top concern while looking for the best email web hosting provider. It is not only for the concern of your content’s safety but also for defense from any hacking attacks for your co-UK email.

While considering an email hosting provider, make sure that the particular hosting provider renders anti-malware, anti-spam filtering, virus protection, and data loss prevention in the email hosting package. In addition to that, keep in mind whether or not the mail hosting service maintains relevant security certifications and regulations.

Compatibility and flexibility

While compatibility could be a secondary concern, you can hardly let your email hosting provider go against your setup. Before purchasing any service, make sure it also offers an enterprise-level synchronization with web-based applications and mobile devices. The next factor to check is whether or not the price contributes various functions and flexibility as per your needs.


Thirdly, you must see if the hosting plan offers smooth connections to different productivity apps, such as Spreadsheet and Calendar, whether it runs smoothly in your employees’ iPhone, Windows device, Android, or Blackberry. It should help them check and manage their email at all times.

Administration and ease of use

The most robust email host company is not limited to its functions. It should have 24/7 customer support, which is always there to ease any troubleshooting within your email environment. It should also have an easy-to-use interface, which, in the end, gives your businesses the flexibility to manage administrative tasks promptly.

Archiving and storage

It appears that email storage is the biggest ingredient that is instrumental in an email hosting provider. To be frank, avoid providers that deliver limited email storage capacity for your business email with their website host. Whether you require 10GB storage or readily available social media integration with your mail, the storage space associated with your mail becomes an important factor.

Thus, consider buying those email hosting services which will help you manage your archived email storage within your inbox. Consequently, it should guarantee access to your archived messages whenever required with spam protection, continuous backup, and disaster discovery.

Top 9 Best Email Hosting UK

We have carefully illustrated the top 9 email hosting providers below:


SiteGround 1

SiteGround is a one-way email hosting solution that has already made its mark as a leading service provider and website host worldwide. Headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, it has offices in 6 locations and data centers on 3 continents. It renders super-fast servers, which are furnished with the latest hardware SSD drives and custom software for your mail. It is a custom fit for higher-end security solutions and the requirement of varied functions.


SiteGround allows 400+ emails per hour. Besides, you can send emails to 40 recipients. If any email remains undelivered, it will automatically retry sending within 24 hours. It offers default functions like SpamExpert for every user. In terms of full-proof security, SiteGround is one of the greatest mail hosting services.

Altogether, SiteGround’s user interface is easy to use and manage, making email task management much more manageable than other hosting companies. Some of the best functions of SiteGround email providers are that you can use secure sending and receiving protocols such as SMTPs, IMAPs, and POP3s. It also provides free CDN and SSL security for all email interactions. Additionally, it offers top-notch, 24/7 customer support.

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SiteGround offers three plans. It includes a StartUp plan ($6.99 per month), a GrowBig plan ($9.99 per month), as well as the GoGeek plan ($14.99 per month).

Who should use this?

Clearly, Siteground is highly suggested for small business owners, as well as large firms. Therefore, it is an excellent option for remotely-managed team members.

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Bluehost 1

Bluehost is another distinguished and best email hosting in the UK. The good thing about BlueHost is— it gives email host services alongside a web host. Through it, you can enjoy a free domain for the entire year and create as many emails as you like for your business. BlueHost’s email hosting service is sufficiently perfect in terms of functionality and security.


Endorsed by WordPress, the BlueHost email hosting service is cost-effective and secure. Their package consists of unmetered bandwidth, corroborated CDN and SSL certificates, and a regular set of free daily and monthly backups.

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Bluehost’s email hosting plans are available in three plans – a Basic plan($3.95/ month), Plus plan ($5.95/ month), Choice Plus plan ($6.05/ month), and the Pro plan($13.95 / month).

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Who should use Bluehost?

BlueHost’s email hosting service is suitable for all business owners. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an amateur in the industry. BlueHost’s packages are adept and ready to meet your needs. BlueHost is super-fast and cost-effective for a variety of requirements.

Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace

Zoho workplace is very convenient for tight budgeters, who always like everything in packages. Zoho offers the latest version of the functionalities of Office 365 and G Suite. It has its iOS and Android app for web content and calendars.


Zoho mail has dedicated communication and collaboration apps: Docs, Office Suite, and Cliq. Docs facilitate cloud storage, while Office Suite allows creating and collaborating on different files, documents, and spreadsheets. Cliq facilitates functions for team chat. It also includes Quick Stream Message owing to which you don’t need to send emails one by one. A single send settles everything for you!

Zoho contains an in-built collaboration platform, where you can collaborate with the entire organization just through the inbox. It also facilitates social-media functions for liking, commenting, and sharing.


Zoho mail pricing starts from $1.00 per user. It also offers a free trial. Typically, Zoho has three plans – the Mail Lite plan($1 user/ month), the Mail Premium plan($4 user/ month), as well as an extended Workplace plan.

Who should use Zoho?

Zoho is an excellent tool for freelancers and SME owners. If you’re a freelancer looking to expand emailing options, this can be the perfect tool for you.

Office 365

Exchange Online Hosted Email for Business

Office 365 is greatly suggested for companies that use multiple Microsoft Office apps. The bundle contains all the vital functions that you expect from a hosting email service. It is good enough for collective tasks like editing drafts, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint, etc.


Office 365 is a bundle offer. It grants functionalities such as Calendar, Video Conferencing, Team Chat options, Instant Messaging, an Internal Social Network, and several others. With your subscription, you will get a hosted email and web desktop functions.

You will also get mobile access to Microsoft’s Excel, Word, Outlook, Skype, SharePoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and other apps. A very robust feature of Office 365 is that the latest Office 365 Business Premium allows employees full access to Microsoft’s newer workplace tools, such as MS team, Yammer, and MS Planner.


Microsoft Office 365 includes different email plans – the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan($125/ user per month), the Microsoft 365 apps plan for business($545/ user per month), and several business and enterprise plans for scaling up.

Who should use Microsoft Office 365?

It is well-suited for large organizations that require major collaborations with MS apps. It is easier to collaborate and strategize with MS Teams. You can also set up online meetings and video conferencing for as many as 250 users at a time.


Rackspace Business Email Service

Rackspace is one of the best email hosting solutions for the UK. It is an ideal choice if you largely rely on a variety of communication and collaboration apps. This is because Rackspace includes multiple tools in a single monthly premium plan.


It covers two significant factors: email hosting or hosted exchange. Rackspace offers advanced tools such as Email, Calendar, Contacts (Basic Plan); File Storage, File Editing, and Instant Messaging (Plus Plan). It also includes advanced email functions, such as push email, shared calendars and contacts, and archival tools. Surprisingly, in its packages, Rackspace also offers a hosted version of Microsoft Exchange.

The Microsoft Exchange functions can be accessed with varied email account specifications. Additionally, Rackspace also allows you to set up cheaper email accounts for some team members as additional functions that can be bought anytime.


Rackspace has three different plans – the Rackspace email plan ($2.99 each month), the Rackspace Email Plus plan($3.99 each month), as well as Add Archiving ($6.99 each month).

Who should use Rackspace?

Rackspace is all the way perfect for small businesses. It’s easy-to-use, reliable, and secure email hosting solution can scale your needs to a large extent. The email host services allow you to run your collaborative tasks through email anywhere, at any time, and from any device, with spam-free and antivirus protection.


GoDaddy Professional Business Email

GoDaddy is another leader in email hosting solutions. It offers different packages to meet your needs and requirements. It is renowned for 24/7 award-winning customer support. GoDaddy is 100% secure and has in-built spam filtering.


Godaddy’s professional emailing option comes with easy-to-use functions like Calendar, Contacts, and a webmail portal. Through GoDaddy’s professional service, you can use your favorite email client, like MS Outlook or Apple Mail. The good thing is, GoDaddy’s professional emailing includes industry-leading spam and antivirus filters, which block over 300 million unwanted emails per day.

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GoDaddy’s professional emailing host services offer two plans- The Individual plan($29 user/month) and the Team plan ($49 user/month).

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Who should use GoDaddy email hosting?

Seemingly, GoDaddy email hosting is perfect for low-budget buyers such as new small business owners. If any issues persist, 24/7 award-winning customer care is there to help effortlessly.

At the initial stages, purchasing GoDaddy’s email hosting can be really cost-effective. Its functionalities like spam and antivirus filtering are always ready to safeguard you from any form of cyberattacks. This also means your potential customers would always be safe within GoDaddy’s email host service.


Fastmail email hosting

FastMail email hosting service offers customizable storage options to manage costs. It is an all-rounder option for individual and small businesses. The highlights can be seen as its web and mobile app, which load faster and make the system more powerful as a whole.


FastMail’s standard plan offers 25GB of storage to its users. The service is customizable, allowing you to add custom branding to the app, login screen and add the company’s filter to everyone’s emails. Likewise, you can also share calendars and contacts throughout the entire company. Through FastMail, you can add multiple domains and subdomains to your account.


FastMail includes three different plans. The Basic plan ($3 user/month), Standard plan ($5 user/month), and Professional plan($9 user/month). Additionally, FastMail comes with a 30-day free email hosting.

Who should use FastMail?

FastMail is highly recommended for new entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals. Its email hosting is 100% as-free and comes with a privacy-first policy, making it one of the most secure and fast email host providers globally.

G Suite

Google Workspace

G Suite offers industry-leading spam protection, a fantastic interface, and easy-to-manage filtering options. The good thing about this email provider is that it allows your employees to use G Suite emails and Gmail accounts right through Android devices.


G Suite, previously known as Google Workspace, is a savior for your budget as an email provider. It can be said that G Suite is the pro version of Gmail. It offers unlimited storage space – typically, 1TB of storage space, which is equal to 17,000 hours of music.

It also provides seamless team collaboration with your Gmail functions for all email accounts. It means your team members are allowed to work on the same draft at the same moment. All in all, it is 100% secure and protective. You don’t need to worry about unexpected data loss, as everything is stored in super-secure data centers for Gmail. Thus, it can be a cost-effective investment for your business email accounts for all Gmail users.


G Suite offers four packages at different price ranges – A Business Starter plan ($6/ user/ month), Business Standard plan ($12/user/month), as well as the Business Plus plan ($18/user/month). An Enterprise plan can also be availed with custom options.

Who should use this?

G suit is an ideal recommendation for SME owners. In terms of large storage files, this provider allows you to share files instantly through email. It is excellent to manage remote team members to work on different files hassle-freely in collaboration with Gmail.


Greatmail Email Hosting

The final product in the listing is a bonus at a great budget. GreatMail is a low-price email host provider, which includes all fundamental functions. It has not more than two plans for its users but can be a great bet for beginners.

Features and Plans

In the basic plan, GreatMail includes emails, Calendars and Contacts, and other Gmail data factors. The standard plan of GreatMail costs no more than $1 while offering a minimum of 15 mailboxes and 10GB of strang. The plan also offers access to its webmail client, POP3/IMAP, and SMTP connections for connecting to an email client.

On the other hand, GreatMail’s standard plan offers shared calendars, shared contacts, and a 25 GB stage per mailbox. The Groupware plan can be availed at $2 per mailbox each month with additional options.

Who should use this?

If your budget is limited, connectivity requirements are supreme, and you want to start with the fundamentals, this can be a great option. It can connect you to the client that supports OPP or IMAP protocols and EAS.

Final words

You have explored different email hosting services and have an idea about the provisions of each. Truth be told, professional email addresses have specific benefits, and there are distinct ways to implement them. Having a professional email address shows a professional approach to managing your business.

Surveys indicate that professional email addresses help to build trust and attract maximum potential leads. Multiple emails and users are also required to be able to manage emails from a wide network. A Professional co-uk based email address and custom domain email accounts can counter a significant amount of spammers or malware attacks compared to regular free email addresses.

Unlike free email hosting solutions, which offer less storage or backup capacity, professional email hosting providers offer robust functions over free email host solutions. There are even free email versions within these services, which can be great to try out specific functions, and an upgrade can be made from the free email version with a custom domain name.

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You can also avail of a money-back guarantee with your email address registered with domain name providers. The best email hosting services leave this money-back guarantee option available to let their email clients test out webmail functions, sometimes even with unlimited email functions per user for an email account.

Use your Gmail or other business email address and domain name under a money-back guarantee to be able to test one or more unlimited email account and webmail functions per user. A free email hosting level would not reveal this level of functionalities for your emails.

The central idea is to choose a convenient email host provider as a personal preference for all emails and functions. Choosing the best email hosting services per your emails’ needs and business or individual budget is recommended.

Though many web hosting services offer an in-built option to host unlimited email and webmail, it is encouraged to bank on one of those email host providers that offer the right combination of functions for your own co-uk domain name, email address and email hosting plan.

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