AccuWeb Hosting Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features

There is an enormous world out there for web hosting, and many sites are in constant competition to gain the trust and benefit from the users. There are so many web hosting services, and AccuWeb hosting is a famous website hosting company amongst all the other companies.

The AccuWeb hosting company was founded in New Jersey. The AccuWeb hosting company has a robust plan, and they are also able to deliver flexibility to its users. Their plans are so precise and top-rated that we highly recommend them as their dedicated hosting packages are very efficient and well rounded even by the WebMatrix compatible hosting.

AccuWeb Hosting

The AccuWeb hosting plan has certain drawbacks. Their hosting service cannot provide the optimum payment options for the month-by-month plan. AccuWeb hosting cannot even create an unlimited amount of email accounts in their windows projects. Despite that, Accuweb hosting service plan is still amongst the top web hosting companies globally.

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Shared Web hosting

AccuWeb Shared Hosting

Accuweb hosting plan contains a fascinating variety of shared hosting plans. If you are not familiar with what a shared hosting plan is, then you might find out about it in the information given in this article about shared hosting plans in AccuWeb hosting.

A shared hosting plan is known to place the user’s website on a specified server with other sites. In simple terms, the user’s website will share similar resources with all the other websites present on the same shared server.

The hosting plan prices are significantly reduced in the roommate environment’s atmosphere, which benefits the customers with cheap plans for web hosting in the WebMatrix compatible hosting in the AccuWeb hosting. In this way, you are getting value for your money using AccuWeb hosting.

Your website, however, might face slow operational services from customer support if any one of the roommates gets on the starting page of Reddit with shared plans.

If you are facing an enormous traffic spike with your web host site, the reason might be that your site is throttled to prevent your roommates’ sites from standing still, so they slow it down. There are services whose control panel might even get your whole site offline if the shared hosting traffic suddenly goes out of the user’s hands.

The shared server plans offered by AccuWeb hosting are based on Linux and Windows. The starting price for the Linux-based, lower-end, solid-state servers is $5.49.

Along with this, the clients might also get features like the 10GB SSD storage capacity, unlimited domains, 150 email accounts, and monthly data transfers of up to 500 GB with rights reserved. The expensive plan offered by AccuWeb hosting is conclusive of the Windows-based enterprise package.

On the contrary, the reviews suggest that the most expensive plan offered begins at $361.99, which yields its clients three years of service. Along with that, it can also provide its users with unlimited domains, Data transfers of up to 1TB, 50GB storage, and email accounts that are as many as 1000.

Accuweb shared hosting plans offer excellent quality, but HostGator can top the charts in web hosting.

The shared packages for the hosting service include the following features: unlimited storage, bandwidth, total domains, and email addresses. You will benefit from all these features either through the Baby plans, which are available at the price of $11.95 and the other business plans, which you might get for $416.95 per month.

The packages available at DreamHost have stunning features like unlimited storage, monthly data transfers, domains, and email as per reviews.

VPS Web Hosting

AccuWeb VPS Hosting

Suppose you require a more robust website of VPS hosting for your business with additional features that are not offered by these hosting packs. Then your solution for VPS hosting other features is the virtual private server VPS hosting plans.

VPS hosting sites have dedicated resources for the system, which have been built on the Windows VPS server, which can work efficiently if, by any chance, your link goes viral in the VPS hosting. In this way, you are renting some part of the shared server in VPS hosting.

Still, your private site is more secured and isolated from all of your server mates in VPS hosting of AccuWeb hosting. If you consider the shared hosting sites as roommates, then the VPS servers will act like tenants who share the same building and live in their apartments.

Accuweb hosting plan comprises so many wallet-friendly VPS plans. Web admins can consider using them with Linux- or Windows-based software.

AccuWeb Hosting plan includes the VPS Mercury, which might cost you around $7.99 per month, and the Microsoft Windows VPS Emerald, which will cost you per month at $75.99. The Mercury plans include innovative storage of up to 20 GB, data transfers of up to 150 Gb, and RAM of 1 GB with hosting 4. Along with these features for hosting, you also have unlimited hosting, which makes it a great deal.

The features included in the Emerald package are a storage of up to 150 GB, 1 TB of the monthly data transfers, and 8 GB RAM. It is a known fact that the users can also use the Linux or Windows VPS plans to create an unlimited amount of email accounts with a money-back guarantee in the AccuWeb hosting plans. The Accuweb hosting offers nearly the same number of packages as the Hostwind as per the reviews’ questions.

Dedicated Web hosting

AccuWeb Dedicated Server Hosting

Some users take their web hosting services very seriously, so they have been provided with dedicated hosting plans by AccuWeb hosting. The users can have a wide range of entire dedicated server only for themselves. So, in short, the users will have an enormous amount of resources for the system to handle the heavy load of the traffic at the website of the AccuWeb hosting for the web hosts.

Like we explained the above terms with the living arrangement example, one could consider the dedicated hosting plans as their own home comprised of a single-family. Your home can also be similar to a massive mansion with dedicated servers on the type of method you choose.

There are at least six excellent versions of the Linux or the windows-based dedicated hosting services at Accuweb hosting that are highly configurable with a dedicated server for web hosts. The pocket-friendly plan from AccuWeb hosting can be availed at the price of $80.00 per month, including features like 8 GB RAM, monthly data transfers of up to 20 TB, and storage of 1 TB.

There are also plans for the advanced servers that begin from $116 per month and comprise 32 GB RAM features, unlimited monthly data transfers, along 1 TB storage. Another plan for the high availability or the storage plans that can solve the purpose like the archiving and the production is beginning at $196- $239 per month rates.

Accuweb’s dedicating hosting plan is a wide range of windows based software that will also access you with the power of creating unlimited accounts for all times like the VPS plans in AccuWeb hosting.

WordPress Web hosting

Accuweb WordPress Managed Hosting

Some webmasters require serious WordPress hosting installations. For them, AccuWeb hosting offers WordPress hosting, aiming to give your site the treatment and experience like that of a white-glove. The features included in this service are content to manage the system, which is preinstalled, DDoS protection with multilayer, and automatic updates in the AccuWeb hosting.

These personal packages for the web hosting for WordPress begin for $9.99, which offers unlimited domains, storage of up to 30GB, monthly data transfers for up to 1TB, and the WordPress migration for free along with the SSL certificate, which is entirely secure.

The WordPress business web hosting offers pricing at $29.99 for their service of up to three months. The features included in this package are domain name registration for free, search engine optimization, 75GB storage, 3TB monthly data transfers, and plug-ins for page caching. One-click installation hosting is included in all of these plans, plus Google Apps integration links and the free backup done daily.

Reseller web hosting

AccuWeb Reseller Hosting Windows Linux

You can check AccuWeb’s Linux and Windows-based packages and links for reseller hosting if you are trying to get yourself into the web hosting business. Still, at the same time, you want to avoid the infrastructure matters and their managing servers. With the help of reseller hosting, you can have some space from a well-established company on rent then you can sell it to your customers.

The AccuWeb hosting plan begins at $11.99 per month and comprises features like 30 GB storage capacity, monthly data transfers for up to 100 Gb, and unlimited emails. AccuWeb provides its users with support tickets 24/7 and lets its users have their branding for the servers they are renting.

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Cloud Web Hosting

AccuWeb Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a very rare form of hosting for the web, enabling the users to draw resources for their site from the multiple servers that are available rather than just having resources from one site like the traditional hosting cloud.

There are many advantages the cloud hosting with various servers. For example, if there is a sudden rise of traffic in your website, in that case, it can have resources from the other server to avoid slow loading of the pages in the hosting cloud or to prevent the server from going down. You can quickly scale your resources up or down with the help of cloud hosting.

At AccuWeb hosting offers Linux cloud hosting, which begins at $4.79, and Windows cloud hosting starts at the price of $5.09 and an agreement of three months, and the Linux cloud VPS will cost you $9.99 for a month.

On the contrary, DreamHost has brilliant packages that begin at $4.50 for a month and comprise features like 80 Gb storage, RAM of 512MB, and unlimited monthly data transfers.

Building a Website

With AccuWeb hosting, creating websites has been a whole lot easier. After you sign up for a plan, it will take nearly 48 hours to set up the account. The reviews from customers say that their site started running within two hours, which was great.

The AccuWeb custom control panel back-end interface is brilliant. Users familiar with the working of WordPress will be able to access the site’s functioning easily. AccuWeb also provides its users with the Joomla and RVsitebuilder.

E-commerce and security options

AccuWeb Hosting provides its users with multiple options for daily backups for safeguarding your website from harmful elements. You can also add an SSL certificate of 256-bit, costing you $49 per year. Suppose you take the security of your site very seriously. We also suggest SpamExperts spam blocker, which begins for $5.85 for a quarter and also provides daily backups and protection from third-party sites.

Terrific Uptime

The most crucial aspect of the hosting service is the website’s uptime. If your site is down due to an error, your customers or the clients wouldn’t contact you or get access to your services and products. The web hosting expert AccuWeb was perfectly stable for the uptime in our tests. You can count on the site for having an incredible hosting experience with their uptime guarantee.

Excellent Customer Service

AccuWeb Hosting plan can offer their users incredible customer service, which is active 24/7 for customer support, and they also help their customers with the live chat and daily backups. The representatives at AccuWeb provide the users with satisfactory answers. They are also regarded as the best customer service teams and support staff. AccuWeb also provides hosting a 40 days money-back guarantee or 30 days money-back guarantee along with the live chat.

A terrific web host

This is a feature-rich web hosting company rated as outstanding in the dedicated hosting category. The drawback is they do not provide the users with the unlimited email account option. Despite that, AccuWeb can lead the other hosting packages as it is a reliable service for small businesses and personal web hosting.

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