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About You

You are ready to CRUSH IT! You’re looking for an opportunity that will provide UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIONAL, freedom to work from anywhere, and ultimately give you control over your personal and professional career.

Look, honestly talk is cheap, so save your resume for your mom. We’re looking for someone, YOU, to produce results. For that, we will reward you handsomely. (You’ll earn up to 50% commission, not too mention recurring commission which turns out to be super easy money.

Driven by success Motivated by money. Loves to be in control. Independent. Self Starter. Ready to work today.

About the Position

You will be helping small businesses improve their website and online marketing. Every business now needs a website, most are lackluster and don’t achieve results. Our solution makes it easy to convert existing website owners to our products and services.

Be a part of our creative machine and help us change the design world, one website at a time. At SiteBuilder, we’re dead set on helping your and your website achieve results.

As an Account Rep, you are the primary liaison between the client and our team. Your job is to serve both the client and the company by facilitating the success of ongoing client relationships. After closing the sale, you will provide sales support, but will hand the reins to one of our project managers.

What You Will Do

  • Be the initial point of communications between SiteBuilder and the client
  • Provide sales support for the client
  • Come up with creative ideas to build your pipeline
  • Look for and capitalize on opportunities for upsells
  • Follow up on past due invoices

Earn What You Want

Commission Based
You get paid on every website you sell. Our Progressive Commission structure allows you to reach your goals in no time.

1 Sale = 30% Commission
2 Sales = 35% Commission
3 Sales = 40% Commission
4+ Sales = 50% Commission

Based on a 30 day cycle, this means that if you sell 1 site you’ll receive 30% commission.
If you sell 4 sites, each one will be worth 50% commission.

For your success, training, and incentive, you will receive 50% commission on any site you sell in the first 14 days.

Earning Example

The average website is approximately $1,500. The examples do not guarantee any income, they illustrate your earning potential. Payout is 30 days.

# of Sales Commission Earnings Total Earnings
1 30% $450 $450
2 35% $525 $1050 = $525 + $525
3 40% $600 $1,800 = $600 + $600 + $600
4 50% $750 $3,000 = $750 + $750 + $750 + $750

You Win

Build Your Own Business
Technical Support Team
Get Paid what You’re Worth

Customer Wins

Website that Works
Network of Support
Goal Based Marketing

We Win

Gain Larger Network of Partners.
Acquire Customers with Trust.
Change Lives & Support Businesses